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Sonnie Trotter has been studying strength training and climbing movement ever since he began in the mid ‘90’s. Whether it’s indoor performance on plastic routes or a multi-day outdoor adventure, one could say that after 16 years of climbing professionally, Sonnie practically has a PHD in rock climbing performance.

During his travels, Sonnie has taught climbing clinics all over North America. Today, Sonnie resides in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where he works part time as the Head Coach of the Canmore Junior Climbing Team (CJCT), a group of over 20 youth local competitors ranging from ages 9-19. Together, they travel to local, regional and national events throughout the year.

This year, Sonnie also introduced a 6 week course for experienced climbers looking to break free of a personal plateau or to finally reach that elusive project. “I love working with people who love climbing as much as I do” Trotter says. “It gives me motivation to keep striving toward my own goals when I see the fire and determination in someone else.” The course is to help educate local climbers how to train properly and safely.



In 1997 Sonnie became a member of the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and has worked as a rock climbing instructor ever since. “I have realized over the years of guiding that my greatest asset as a climber is the knowledge I have collected, my hope with guiding is to pass on as much of that knowledge as possible, so climbers new to the sport can shorten their own learning curve and excel at their chosen style much sooner. I feel more like a mentor than a guide.”

In order to achieve his goal, Sonnie created a 2 day traditional climbing course in Squamish which he calls, the Stonemaster Series. It’s a 2 day trad climbing workshop which teaches not only the fundamentals of this liberating style, but also all the tricks he’s picked up along the way. “Many climbers know they want to improve, they just don’t know how.” Sonnie says. “I love watching climbers break new ground for themselves”.

Sonnie is currently considering offering the same series here in the Bow Valley this summer at Lake Louise. Send him an email if you’re interested, OR, if you’re interested in a private day of mentoring. Email Sonnie



Sonnie is also available for slideshows and multi-media presentations. He is an expert speaker who has shared his adventures with thousands of people through Film Festivals, Competitions, Fundraisers, Climbing Festivals as well as Universities and Alpine Clubs. His message is simple, to grow as a climber and a human being, we must continue to push our comfort zones. Sonnie often does this by inviting some of the Worlds best climbers to rope up with him, climbers such as Will Stanhope, Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold to name just a few. “There are three things I look for in a climbing partner” Sonnie says, “strength, humor and unbridled enthusiasm”.

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