Going Back to Cali

I am getting very excited about my trip to Yosemite.   Valley memories are priceless. 

Here’s a classic shot I found on Google.  Just good friends going scrambling in good weather.  Simple as that.  And since cams were obviously not invented yet (just look at all those hexes),  they were probably scared most of the time,  now THAT’S rock climbing.  Ha ha.  7 more days.  Stoke factor HUGE!

  • Peter

    Just curious. Have any objectives for the trip?


  • And now I will have Notorious BIG in my head all day long… Have a great trip!

  • JB

    I think that’s Malcom Daly on the right

  • Yes Mr. Bell, first thing I thought of when I read the title. Biggie ! Hope it was a beast trip