The elusive V-BOARD

Hey All  –  I just updated my V-Board page for anyone interested in finger training.  I have about 20 left for sale, click on the image below for more details.  Cheers.

  • Jer

    Those look good man, maybe the Coop needs one…

  • Chris

    Howdy! I am interested to know how much one of the V-Boards might cost? And how much it might run for shipment to california? Thanks for your time and your great blog postings! Cheers!

  • Chris

    Ah, obviously I should have followed instructions and read further along. I found the information I needed, thanks.

  • jason

    What are the overall dimensions of the board? Wondering if it will fit over my closet door.


  • Sonnie

    Thanks Chris, glad you got the info you needed, and Jer, just let me know, I think ALL Climbing Coops need one:)

  • Sonnie

    Great Question Jason,

    They are 26.5 inches across and 7.25 inches high and 2 inches thick. Cheers!

  • Maybe I will start as well, looks nice.

  • Tanya

    I just e-mailed you about ordering one … I hope you still have a V-board left! It looks amazing and will be a gift for someone VERY special! 🙂