Off the Wagon

Happy Belated Holidays.

Lets all raise a glass of the good stuff to longer days and shorter nights coming fourth.

So, I just spent 10 days with my family, from Kelowna, BC to Toronto, Ontario.  Great times.  My nieces and nephews are at that oh so special age where they actually think I’m cool and fun to be with.  I love it. I wouldn’t trade a minute for anything in the world.  But then I get back to Canmore and realize I haven’t climbed in over 2 weeks.  Crazy.  So I get on the ol’ V-board again, and my fingers hurt and tire quickly, my arms ache a bit and (like a sissy) I let go before falling off.

I was feeling strong and confident before I left.  So what gives?

Then, I open my online banking account to pay this months rent, and realize how much I actually spent over the Holidays, and let me say, it’s looking pretty bleak – from coffee shops and plane tickets to Christmas presents and ski passes.  Where did it all go, and more importantly, how did it go so quickly?

It occurred to me at that moment, how much harder it is to build something than it is to maintain it.

For example, I’ve been saving up for Christmas for a while now, nearly 3 months, and I spent the money in 2 weeks.  Similarly, I spent two months gym climbing and hangboarding again, doing more core workouts and even hitting the weights, you know, trying to be more like Sean McColl the plastic prince, and less like Sonnie Trotter the moss scrubber.  It’s been hard work getting my contact strength and overall fitness to a pretty acceptable level again after a summer of guiding, low angle granite tech/crack climbing and new route development.

So, why are the things like fitness, power and money, so hard to build and so easy to destroy?  I suppose that’s just another life lesson I can add to my list.  It takes months or years to build a house and only one day to tear it down.

But they say the best way to get in shape is to stay in shape.  So, after two weeks of some R and R, it’s time to get back on the wagon and whip myself into shape.  It’s a new year after all, a fresh start to an old routine, train in the winter so we can crush in the summer.  May the days ahead be painful, exciting and inspiring.  On that note:  Here’s an awesome video of Jan Hojer climbing “Off the Wagon”, V-hard.

  • Micah

    Good luck getting your train on! Is the V-board ever going to be offered for retail sale?