Through Thick and Thin.

Here in Canmore, we just got a foot of snow.  It’s definitely beautiful.  It’s cold.  It’s icy.  There’s certainly something special about cold dry winters, no doubt about it, walking in weightless white fluff, the kind of snow that you can barely feel when you walk, but you can hear it squeak under your feet with each step.  The air is definitely much thinner here than I am used to in Squamish, and there’s a lot more red noses too.  I might even say the air is more “energetic” than our thicker coastal kinfolk.  But also, there’s a comfort I find in BC that I can’t get in Alberta. A grounding of sorts.  We are lucky to have such easy access to these diverse climates.  The temperature is supposed to drop to minus 16 tonight, and I found myself looking at old pictures.  Below is a collection of pictures I took on one single day in Squamish.  It was winter, and the fog created a natural diffusion of light, it seems everywhere I looked, I saw something beautiful.  Yes, even a pick up truck looked worthy of a picture to me.  Sorry there’s no rocks,  or climbing, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.


  • Pip

    Welcome to Canmore Sonnie!

  • Darrell

    Well, if you want to come back to Squamish, we’ll have you Sonnie.