Well, if you ‘d like to read something other than Adam Ondra’s absolutely mind boggling trip to the Red River Gorge,  check out a little bit I wrote about the amazing 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  You can find it over at the patagonia blog,  The Cleanest Line.  Below is a fun little homepage picture from the site, showing off van living at it’s finest.  In this shot, Ben Moon captured us waiting out a pretty heavy snow storm at Jen’s place while during a trip to Joshua Tree, California.  Traveling sucks:)

  • go Obama!!!!!!!

  • sonnie what gives no congrats yet to ben and will for thar recent hard sends ,you usually do so haha !! one of them if not you will free the catcher at last on gear even harder than with some mats solo! happy days and im thankful for our native brothers and sisters for giving so much for our wicked wonderful lands, thank you bill miller and praises to you for our people , the visions and the dreams, I praise you for the eagle , the mountains and the streams, happy tday canada luke

  • nevermind man im bitter for different reasons im sure youve already spoke with them since your grand friends just wanted to say happy t day canada dont eat the turkey buddhas

  • I love this photo! You can tell there is fun and positive energy around. Thanks for sharing it! It gave me a smile on this too-cold-to-climb-day in Las Vegas! (we hiked instead and it was still a pretty awesome day!) 🙂