Have PAD will TRAVEL

Do you all remember the Masters of Stone video’s?  If not, allow me to refresh your memory, after the legendary Ron Kauk, climbs a severely overhanging cave in a stunning region of the South of France over the ocean, he states, and I quote, “the rock is like Gooold”.   We’ll Savage films has a different definition of gold, Western Gold, and the mines are not in Europe but right here in our own backyards of the North American West.

From Red Rocks to Squamish, Alex takes us on a journey of exciting and classic highball boulder problems.  The film is beautifully shot, the image quality is some of the highest I have ever seen, clean, bright and crisp.  His slow panning shots and impeccable time-lapses pull you into the environments, and his use of very strong talented and charismatic but not so “pro” sponsored climbers is quite refreshing.  Climbing is still small, and seeing the same Colorado or California faces every time becomes somewhat predictable, I think it’s awesome to get into the lives of climbers who are crushing at an ultra high level and have a story to share.  Western Gold has a brilliant simplicity to it all.  There are lines in the video that make me want to get in my van and drive straight to that rock and climb it.  I suppose that’s the whole point of making a video like this, to inspire people to travel to new area’s, to showcase the quality of stone that can be found only a few short hours from each other.  All in all, Alex did a killer job, personally, I think I would have liked to see a little bit more of a story line throughout and perhaps even a few sections of a more upbeat tempo because the film has a pretty consistent vibe to it, but perhaps that’s what he was trying to avoid the whole time, letting the climbing and the climbers speak for themselves.  Definitely check it out.  But I warn you, you will want to quit your job, grab your crash pad and travel:)

Western Gold Teaser from Savage Films on Vimeo.

  • nice!! look out for the western young guns dominick speranza and charile from montana n cody gun kerrick stinson, bring your guns to town when climbing with these guys!!!

  • charlie that is sonnie!!!! chuck