Steve is just one of so many hero climbers.  I just saw this video for the first time and thought it was amazing.  I think we can all relate to being so inspired by something that seems so beyond our scope, and then one day, staring it right in the face,  full circle.  This is a great short story about really hard climbing.

  • m.


  • super cool vid man but shouldn’t that english pro be climbing 15d by now hubble went down in the 90s and mcleoud n wallace are creeping up on 15 trad yo

  • Jesse

    I can’t stop watching this clip. I’ve always had a fascination with Hubble. It has a certain condensed nastiness and pure bouldery power that makes it unique for me. I think sport climbing in many ways has moved on from that type of route, making Hubble a relic of a by gone era of climbing. Yet as every week passes and there is a new 9a, 9a+, 9b, Hubble remains a formidable test piece, rebuffing all but a handful of climbers. Thanks for sharing Sonnie. Ever thought about giving this one a go? I think the first non-British send is still up for grabs, might as well keep it in the common wealth.