Well, while Adam Ondra is busy trying to flash 5.15,  I’ll be busy trying my local backyard proj:)   Nearly did it this evening actually.  One hang, ya, Stoked.  This baby has some of the best moves ever, big wide pinches, double heel hooks, slap, slap, it’s a real beauty.  Climbing it feels like trying to haul a huge refrigerator full of beer up a steep flight of marble stairs.  Can’t wait to stick it.  Iz gunna feel gud ja.  Love this process.  Only got in one try tonight,  but it was enough to stoke the fire again.  Really love this thing.  Who says Squamish isn’t steep?  AND….it’s not a bad place to hang out either.

OKAY QUICK REMINDER,  do not forget,  this is the last month to sign up for the Under 25 Youth Climbing Camp in Canmore Alberta.  The ACC is hosting a sweet climbing camp specific for youths over 5 days this July.  The goal is to try and get some avid climbers out there, on their own.  It’s a great way to build confidence and self esteem, meet people and find a passion for the mountains.  I’ll be teaching this year along with Jen Olsen.

Peep this video from last year !  Rock climbing is fun.

  • There is nothing wrong with having gret blog. That is exactly what this blog is. GREAT!

  • Ed

    Double heel hooks? Insane. I hope there will be some footage of this sweet climb.