Hope it’s a great weekend for everyone,  just as expected, the temps have dropped a little this June, which is great actually, but there’s been a bit more cloud cover and scattered showers this month to accompany that,  BUT…we’ve still been able to climb a lot and the BBQ is well loved.  So that’s good.  My knee got better, which I am very stoked about.  I started wearing my Five Ten Freeriders everywhere and the pain just went away, so from now on, unless I’m at the beach or a tailgate party, the flip flops will stay at home.

Couple of things,

1. Check out Adam Ondra this week, he’s on fire.

2. So is Alex Honnold.

3. So is Dai Koyamada  (see awesome video clip below).  I remember when Dai came to Salt Lake City in the late 90’s and flashed all but one of the PCA comp problems in his running shoes.  Too bad he didn’t compete, he might have given Sharma a run for his money?  He definitely has a rare animal like strength.  Seems to me that some of the best boulderers have been the best for a very long time,  Dai, Fred, Chris, Dave.

Anyway, this video is a little bit funny to me, only because the more I get excited about bigger rocks like El Cap, the less I get excited about “right hand versus left hand” on scrunchy sit down starts – let alone flying halfway around the world to add one more move and in the process making a 20 minute documentary about it.  But, maybe that’s why we love it.  After all, doesn’t it always come down to one more move?  The film is well executed, and his passion is really inspiring.

My only suggestion is to pad that tree mate !!! (4:57:)  Yikes!


  • joeyjoejoe

    I think people have dabbed that tree in the past. Maybe he wanted to avoid adding any thickness to it by adding pads?

  • KatieB

    You sound like you’re giving a back handed compliment. Very unlike you…