Hey Oh!

Sorry for being out of touch lately, I have been away, went to a place called Gozo to try and climb some sea cliffs.  I’ll be back soon and updating regularly with thoughts again.  Training, gear, trip reports, idea’s,  things like that.  Until then, here’s a pic from the Gozo sea cliffs.  Lets chalk this one up as… well, chalk I guess.  Carry on, upwards.

Malta Sea CLiffs, SOnnie Trotter


  • Adam

    Beautiful picture. How was it climbing on that stuff? I love your blog, always inspires me to not just get out on some rock, but to hit the trails and the road as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Sonnie

    Thanks Adam, to be honest, it was quite soft in sections and a little scary too. We didn’t manage to climb what we had hoped to do, because it would have been too dangerous, but the good news is that there is plenty of great rock too, we found some amazing areas on the north side of island and managed to put up some exceptional new routes. Hope this helps. Enjoy the trials.

  • Keith Preston

    Looking forward to seeing more pics and great stories

  • Chris

    Those are some beautiful pics, I need you to give me the low-down on where to go. I’m heading to Spain for two months this summer and planning on bringing my shoes, harness, and chalk (because that’s all I’ll be able to fit in my bag) to do some climbing on my weekends off from class, but no idea what to expect or where to go, not just in Spain but Europe in general. Any suggestions you got would be much appreciated.

  • Matt

    Chris, it depends on where in Spain you will be as to where you can go on a weekend. I can recommend El Chorro in the south of Spain, buckets of climbing not far from Malaga and plenty of potential partners. Alternatively Siurana in the north is good but hard. Also you may have more trouble hooking up with a partner. I have heard the Costa Blanca is nice but haven’t climbed there myself. Supposed to be lots of Brits there – check out the Orange House. Cheers.

  • Sonnie

    Great advice Matt, I agree, it really depends on where you’ll be based out of Chris. But luckily for you, there is an abundance of limestone in Spain, so I’m sure wherever you end up there will be rad cliffs to climb and people to hang with. I have tremendously enjoyed Majorca, I just love the Islands over there. I still want to check out Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily. Although, not the typical 9a heavy hitter sport climbing hot spots, I just think they look like rad places to chill out and enjoy. Best of luck.

  • Chris

    Thanks a bunch guys, I am psyched and can’t wait to have the experience of Span. I’ll be in Madrid for a month and then Salamanca for a month. Unfortunately, I’m not climbing at 9a… yet. Is there a good amount of bouldering in Spain, in case I can’t find any partners who climb down at my level? And is there a guidebook that you would recommend?