The rain is still falling here, ain’t going to lie, but this year it’s not bothering me, at all.  I’m really at peace with it, in fact, I’m actually enjoying the gray skies, a lot.  I was able to hit the gym twice this week and trying to stay in some sort of climbing shape for spring, when things really kick in.  But while I was searching for some more Malta inspiration, I came upon two video’s made by a young Toby Segar,  not sure where he’s from, but he certainly does have a catchy editing style.  I’m not really into the parkour thing, or the music too much, or at least, it’s not the type of music I’d listen to at home, but it seems to work well in Toby’s stuff, he knows how to keep it pretty legit.  Got me all fired up to get out and get after it,  whatever ‘IT’ is,  thanks T.  Keep up the good work.

We Are Storror from Toby Segar on Vimeo.

MALTA CLIFF DIVING 2011 from Toby Segar on Vimeo.

  • monty

    YAh! Handguns, low pants and random rolls!
    These are exactly what climbing videos need more of.

    …also, more explosions. Climbers don’t seem to know the value of a good explosion.