• Matt

    Mate, that is hilarious. OK, I am guilty of a couple of them from time to time, but I love it all the more for it.

    Two quick things before you jet off to Malta:
    1) If you need a place to crash in London then you are welcome at ours, and;
    2) We have 6 weeks from the start of October to mid-November to climb in the USA – I love crack climbing but haven’t hit it properly hard in years, having only done sport the last few years, so where would be good to go for the 6 weeks in terms of weather and climbing? In other words, inspirational mid-grades and good temps? I haven’t climbed in the US so late in the season before. Any suggestions welcome!!

  • Sonnie

    Matt, sorry for the late reply, that’s a great offer man thank you, but I’m home now and don’t see another overseas trip for a little while. As for the ol US of A, I’d say Yosemite is the best bang for your buck mate, you just can’t go wrong in October, big tall walls, steep cracks, moderate, classic, whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it there. Not to mention the leaves will be changing color, and the temps are nearly perfect. After that, I’d rally straight to the Utah desert for more delicious cracks, Moab and Indian Creek. You’ll get your fix there for sure. Other fun spots are Smith Rock for sport climbing, Bishop for bouldering, good classic zones that never disappoint. Cheers man.