Kickin It In JOSH!

Yo, yo yo,  WHASSUP?  I know you’re all out there either climbing your asses off,  OR scanning your facebook feeds and whatnot, (and accepting of course that there’s little hope for the survival of blogging) but I did just want to say thanks again to those who continue dropping in from time to time to say hi:)  Who has time to read a blog these days anyway?  I certainly don’t.  So thanks.  Here’s a photo from this morning in Joshua Tree.  About 3/4 of the snow that fell melted yesterday, but it was still a magical wonderland this morning,  68 degree’s and snowy, Gotta LOVE IT.

  • Scotty

    Great shot. Reminds me that I need to get off my ass and get to the crag.

  • Thanks to keep blogging. I love reading your blog. It’s a good source of inspiration and motivation. It motivates me to keep climbing and travel the world.

    Question, What’s happening with the V-board?

    Take Care

  • Dez

    Hey Sonny,

    I always read your blog! Great stories and photos which keep me psyched for training when I’m stuck on an oil rig off Scotland, although I do get a bit jealous of your constant adventures!

    Keep up the good work!!


  • I have time to read blogs. No climbing with tendonitis! Any advice on rotator cuff problems? The last two videos you posted were amazing, keep the psyche coming!

  • Brandon.


    We were up on Yam a few times last week.

    Chilly on the tips, warm on the back!


  • Sonnie

    Thanks y’all, maybe there’s hope for bloggers after all:)

    Sorry to hear about the tendonitis Richard, that’s a bummer. Drink LOTS of water and ease up on the coffee if you’re a drinker, helps me every time. As for the cuff, hmmm, give it time but definitely keep it moving, work those opposing muscles mate (therabands)!

    Dez, glad you enjoy them, wishing you good working weather over there.

    Nick, thanks for asking, the V-Board is alive and well, although elusive it is about to get a lot more comfortable with humans. We SINCERELY appreciate your patience and interest. Hang in there just a little longer.

    Okay, going back out now for an evening session, happy trails.

  • still an avid reader of your stuff sonnie. you’ve got the short, update posts interspersed nicely with the longer, more story based posts. sometimes it’s nice to just come and look at pictures, sometimes i want a good read. you’re doing both excellently. cheers

  • I also like to stop in on this blog every now and again to read about your adventures! I have doubts about my blog pretty regularly too, but I just keep finding things that inspire me to write, so…why not share right?