tough as nails brits…

I made this clip for the Five Ten website a few weeks ago,  I just thought I’d share it for anyone who missed it.  It’s basically, a totally raw, behind the scenes look at life on El Cap and the Prophet, with charming prince William.  No hero shots, no post production, no HD, just the two of us up there, laughing and living large.

P.S.  A note from Will Stanhope: Sorry to all the British folk out there for the terrible British accents.  Basically, it made us less scared to talk British on that rig: less like scaredy-cat Canadians, and more like tough-as-nails Brits like Jason Pickles and Leo Houlding.  ;) But as you can see, we had loads of fun up there, even in the midst of make-or-break redpoint turmoil.

  • English Tim

    Official Accent Rating:

    Will – 5 out of 10
    Sonnie – 4 out of 10 (rising to 6 when directly impersonating Leo Houlding)

    Mad props for the adventure on the Captain!

  • Kitt

    Ya sillies. Loved that duo, Nice guys finish last eh? Nice work you two.

  • Awesome video sonnie! Keep them comming!

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