…I have some catching up to do, it has been too long since I’ve posted anything, and for that, I am not as sorry as I thought I’d be:)   But there’ no time for it now,  the sun is shining.

Here’s a recap, we drove from Mount Lemon to Santa Fe, New Mexico, it was cold, but beautiful, Lydia participated in a meditation retreat, and I watched movies in a Motel 6, and did dead hangs off the bathroom door jams while the FBI put on rubber suits and investigated a room three doors down.  Our next stop was Hueco Tanks, Texas.  One of the best places to boulder in the entire world, but one of the worst places to find organic groceries.   Despite the good climbing, the restrictions and constant hoopla made me want to leave sooner than later.  But then miraculously, we bumped into two friendly faces from Ontario, Canada.  Leslie Timms and Kyle Thomas.  At the time they were more like acquaintances, but instantly became nothing less than great friends.  We were lucky enough to be invited to their camping spot, along with two more of the best people we’ve ever met, Jason Marshall and Karissa Dunbar.  What was once a struggle, became a joy, and we owe our great climbing days to their hospitality.  Check out Leslie’s hilarious, passionate and honest approach to life and climbing through her blog,  you’ll see why Hueco is worth the extra effort.  Click on the image below to visit her site…

Besides that, we are now in Arizona again to Squeeze the Lemon, and off to Vegas shortly.  With any luck, it will be a long time before I submit a new post:)

  • Site 20 just isn’t the same without you guys! Safe travels friends and hopefully our paths will cross again soon. Hugs from Hueco.

  • Andy Anderson

    Unfinished business in Red Rocks? 🙂

  • Tim

    Stop in and visit Layton Kor in Kingman Az. On your way to Vegas . He may even be up for a day of climbing. Drop me a line if you want his number

  • Sonnie

    Ha, ha, Andy, we’ll see what the weather does, shit was COLD today, not as cold as last time mind you, but COLD.

    Tim, wow, what an offer, unfortunately, I’m now in Vegas, arrived this morning, bummer. Hopefully next time though. Cheers.