A diverse state

Much like B.C is in Canada, I find California to be in the USA, diverse.  High mountains, low deserts, big sky, big ocean.

After the second rest day in a cold wet Yosemite Valley, we made an impulsive decision to pack up and leave.  We are now in Santa Cruz, California, and I’m not exactly sure why.  I suppose we had nowhere else to go really.  I’ve always wanted to see it here, not to mention my friend Mr.Sharma was born here (which explains a lot::))  We rented cruiser bikes yesterday and rode around the Piers like the locals do, we watched a foggy surf competition, we ate cheap but decent Mexican food, and like a tourist, I bought Lydia an adorable little dress on Pacific Ave.  Then we hit the bars.  Hard.  This morning Will and I awoke with the bitter taste of regret on our tongues – but, lucky for us, today is a new day, a new beginning and it’s time to make it right again.

In just a few minutes after Will is finished his coffee, we’ll take a drive up to the sandstone boulders of Castle Rock, but it’ is supposed to rain all day, I guess we’ll see if we can’t get any climbing in.  Wish us luck.  Tomorrow, if the forecast splits like it’s supposed to, then we’ll drive back in the morning to the big ditch, and wait for things to dry, if they do, miraculously, we we’ll begin a hopeful attempt on the Prophet.  That’s the rough plan anyway.  The crux, is that this climb lives right in between two waterfalls.  With so much snow on the summit, this might be a wash for us.  Oh well,  we can always belay Tommy if he needs it, and come back next year.  I have a feeling El Cap isn’t going anywhere too quickly.  Just like in Surfing, climbing is condition dependent, you take what you get and you LOVE IT.  Even if that means a trip to the coast.

These aren’t my photo’s, but you get an idea of what both places are about right now.

  • Danny

    Lovin’ the recent inspiring posts! Say hi to Paul ‘Pa” Bride for me! If you guys are headed thru Portland on the way back, let me know and I’ll get you and big willy a stumptown coffee for the road. I started working @ the circuit when we moved out here a few months back. Gotta make the trip north soon.


    Hampi Danny