Kwik Klips!

We’re in Lake Tahoe today, again,  it was time for another long stretch of rest and this place is just so chiiiillllllll, not to mention downright beautiful!  Our Canadian friend Paul Bride flies in tonight so we pick him up in Scaremento before heading back.  I think we’ll do 3 or 4 days rest before getting back at ‘er.  Willy has to leave on Novemeber 8th, so that only gives us about 8 or 9 climbing days left on this mission.  Which will go faster than we think.  So until then, I thought I might leave you with a few quick clips.  These are two video’s we made for the Five Ten blog, just a quick hit of Will Stanhope (aka, Billy Stamper) trying the Arch project in Squamish, and one of me doing an Arrowhead climbing shoe Product Review in Pemberton Valley, BC.  There’s a bit of climbing in there as well.  Check them out.  Have a truly spectacular day….

The Arch Project from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

Arrowhead Profile in Pemby! from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

  • Darrell

    Hey Will, The Arch clip is badass. Respect.