the greatest knot I ever tied

Well, as it should happen, I’m in New York again.  For someone who is not especially fond of big city’s, I do find myself in the big apple quite a few times a year.  Lucky for me, NYC is a very nice city, and I do enjoy my short visits very much.

I haven’t been taking lots of pictures lately, or climbing that much this month, I spent the last three weeks getting hitched and spending all of my spare time with family and friends and my beautiful wife Lydia.  I did manage to squeak out an article for Rock and Ice, along with Tommy Caldwell, it was my first co-authoring experience and so far, it’s mega fun, it should be coming out Oct 15th.  More on that later.

In honor of my absence from the scene, and the spray, ha ha, I’d like to post some new/old pictures, one is of our recent wedding day.  Originally, I wasn’t going to, because, well, I wanted to keep them between loved ones, but then I thought, what the hell – what’s not to love about the climbing community?   And because admittingly, I am the luckiest guy I have ever known, seriously, that might sound arrogant or whatever, but screw it, what can I say, I’m a proud husband.  I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I convinced this darling angel to commit the rest of her life to me, and to us.  I won’t get too deeply into it, but getting married to this woman is without question the best send of my life.

Speaking of photographs, and Lydia Zamorano, here is a small collection of pictures I took at random this year with my new Sigma fisheye lens.  The fisheye is a very, very fun lens, maybe too fun, you end up wanting to take lots of pics with it, but you can’t overdo it, it will actually get old, trust me, so I have found more comfort in using it like a specialty lens, like a macro, there’s a time and place for it, and when a shot works it works.  I really like the yoga perspective, taken from Lydia’s studio during one of her practices, and the others are of her and her brother Gabe climbing up the Squamish Buttress, 5.10c.  Just a different perspective I guess.  Notice my shirt in the first picture, bottom left corner, this lens is WIDE.   Hope you enjoy them.  Peace out.

  • JG

    Congrats Sonnie!!! I’ve been following you for a long time, getting inspired and such. You deserve it!

  • Nancy

    Congratulations, Sonnie and Lydia! There IS alottalove in the climbing “family” and on this blog; thanks for sharing the pic and the wonderful news! Many blessings on your continuing journey together! 🙂

  • Nathan

    Congrats Sonnie, so awesome for you and Lydia…… I’m sure your day was amazing. Was out climbing today and had a moment of realization when I was like, ‘oh hey, Sonnie Trotter is married now.”
    Hop to see you on the rock sometime.

  • Scott

    Best wishes to you and Lydia for a long and happy life together wherever it may take you!

  • Danny

    Congrats to both you!

  • caroline

    Congratulations to you both.

  • Congrats on one hell of a move! Cheers!

  • Yeah! Congrats Sonnie!!!!! What a blessing!

  • Whats not to love about sharing the love, right! May your union shine bright and grow in wisdom 🙂

  • Matt

    Congratulations to you both, I thought you had been quieter than usual and you spring this fantastic news! Remember, there is no better way to sort out marital disagreements than being roped to one another….. it sort of reminds you of what is important.

    Rock on.

  • Marc

    Congrats to you both, so exciting. Enjoy the experience.

  • Congrats, pretty Huge!!