An Embarrassing Memory!

When people ask me when I fell in love with climbing, I say I was about 16 years old (a little late for today’s standards) but then my mom sent me this picture in the mail yesterday, and it occurred to me, maybe I’ve been in love with climbing for a lot longer than I thought!

  • Stray Cat

    I think the ST of today would rip out the 2 X 4’s and free it.

  • I think the ST of today might keep the shirt off, but pants are definitely on.

  • Scott

    Sonnie posting that took more bravery than pulling an unprotected 5.14 move ha ha. Classic shot, your parents captured the moment beautifully.

  • Vikki

    Well that is just adorable

  • Reed

    That pic is awesome. I’ve always said that we all knew how to clmb as kids, it’s just that most of us forgot. I can’t wait for my own son to be posing for such pictures. My wife is not doing any such waiting.

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials and your next journey.