A few pics!

Two days in a row,  I’m on a roll.  Here are just some pics from my last day of climbing with Jeremy Smith.  Fun times, (before my gear ripped anyway).  Got to extend a huge thanks to Jer for such a great day, and one of the best catches I can remember.  We climbed a 7 pitch 5.12 called Never Never Land.   Then tried to link it into the Edge of Pan, also, 7 pitches if  you do it from Pan Tease.   It’s like Multi-Level-Cragging up there.  Big fun.

Jeremy entering the Guillotine crux 5.12 which he gracefully onsighted.

Jeremy following the endless slab pitch, 50 meters of 5.11+.  Golden.

Jeremy traversing the slabs below the Pan Tease corner.  A bit of route finding skills are recommended up there, but Pan Tease is a VERY excellent route as well and a tremendous way to finish Never Never Land.

Smith doing a hand traverse – this bit of climbing links the striking corner of Pan Tease, into the even more striking corner of Edge of Pan.  Looking forward to getting back up there.  Today I am filming a Canadian TV show called Restless Josie, I am taking her climbing, and we’re going to have some fun at Murrin Rock.  Then it’s back to the usual for me.

  • Definitely an inspiration.