I just had a great week in Salt Lake City,  which is hard for me to admit, ha ha,  because I ain’t a city person really, but we spent some time up at beautiful Brighton Ski resort, and then down in town at the Black Diamond headquarters.  Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m a huge dork, and that includes my dorkyness for climbing history and it’s major players.  Whether it happened last week or last decade, a part of me likes knowing what’s helped get us all here today, and by ALL, I mean, everyone.  Sharma and Ondra on 5.15’s, Alex Honnold on 5.12 free solo’s, Tommy Caldwell on El Cap, and that 8 year old kid in Bishop climbing V12 after 6 months in the sport.  Not just the top dogs are effected by our past, everybody, 60 year old men and women who took up climbing after work are crushing 5.12’s, it’s incredible to see.  And when I’m in the presence of climbing’s historic contributors, I get a little like, WHOA!  For example, last night I had drinks with Jonny Woodward, Henry Barber and Russ Clune, now that’s a classy bunch.  In their own class.  I also had the chance to re-connect with Jack Tackle, Peter Metcalf and Kate Rutherford.  So many good climbers, passionate climbers, and great people.  That’s a very cool thing for me, it’s one of the parts of my job that I love the most, meeting the people who have influenced not only myself, but to some level, the entire sport that I most connect with – and most if not all are still crushing as of this very day.  So, anyway, in case you were wondering all those people are rad, and the entire week was a pleasure.  Thanks for having me BD.

On to other things, back in May, I had the chance to travel around the East Coast with Five Ten for a little, TOUR, if you will.  From a Social D concert in Rhode Island to a SoHo slide show, to Burlington, Vermont and even a pitch at the Adirondacks and the near Traps of the Gunks.  It was an awesome trip, wet and rainy, even bought 15 dollar rubber boots, but an awesome trip nonetheless.  Here are a few photographs I took during my travels.  Hope you like them, and keep on keepin on….

The Gunks carrage road, on a foggy day in May.  I think we were the only climbers in the park that day.

A slick VW I saw in New Paltz, NY,  took the guy 1 year to restore it.

A bit of moisture in the air.

Storm clouds a brewing.

My saving grace.  There’s nothing better in the GUNKS than a perfectly placed nut.

Five Ten’s own, Dana Seaton, putting the shoes to stone on a classic 5.8.