This will be my third consecutive year teaching the Alpine Club of Canada’s Under 25 Climbing Camp.  And there’s less then a month before it happens.   The ACC has only a few spots left available, so if you’re between the ages of 18 and 25, and climbing is your passion, this is where to start.  Imagine getting outside this July, to learn more about the mountains and taking your adventures to a higher level, Canmore is the place to be.  OR, if you know someone who fits this profile that may not know about this exciting camp,  please spread the word.   It’s truly an amazing summer experience, one where climbers from across Canada can make new like minded friends, or even go with a friend, like we’ve seen in the past.  This camp is 5 days long, beginning on July 4th and ending on July 9th.   It’s something I would have dreamed of as a youth.   The ACC provides all sleeping arrangements and food for the entire duration of the camp.  They make registration easy, and simple, and we’re lucky as a community to have them stand behind such important events.  For any information, please feel free to contact me, at sonniejtrotter@yahoo.ca or the ACC at info@AlpineClubofCanada.ca

This year, we’re lucky enough to have recruited Sarah Hueniken as our lead guide.  Sarah is one of the most accomplished all around female climbers anywhere on Terra Firma.  She crushes ice, rock and alpine all the same.  She has a massive resume behind her, but more than that she’s highly respected in the guiding world for her strength as an athlete as well as her kindness and approachability.  See her site here for great photo’s and bio.

Hope you’re all getting out there and getting after it, after all, we only go around once, if you know what I mean?

Enjoy some pictures of camps in years past….