Canmore, World Cup!

Hey check out my man for an extended list of the US turnout at last weeks World Cup event in Canmore, Alberta.   This guy is ON IT.  If you ever need to know what’s going on in the world of climbing, but don’t want to be bombarded with hero favor-a-tism or one sided opinions,  check out his blog,  he’s got (mostly) all the coverage you could ask for, plus a light weight and polite attitude towards it all.  You won’t find as much snarky-ness on his site if someone makes a mistake, people are very respectful on this forum I find and if they’re not, the NARC keeps them in check.  Which I like.  Keeps me coming back.

I’ll try to get some good photo’s from the comp up here soon, I’m pumped them boys and girls from the Bow Valley made it all happen like that.  Again, big up to the volunteers, the route-setters, Dung at the Vsion, the Alpine Club of Canada for recognizing this was a good healthy step to take and making it come to life.  Mucho respecto.