While I have often wished to be two places at once,  this weekend, I wish I could have been at three!

You see, there’s a part of me that never wants to leave Squamish, it’s big, beautiful and is home to one of the best most humble climbing and outdoor communities I can think of.  On the other hand, I am a selfish bastard (working on that) and another part of me wants to travel the World.  Well this weekend, I was torn in three’s.  On one hand I had an obligation to be in Portland, Oregon to pick up my van, it was pretty much the only window I had to make it happen, so that’s where I am now.  While on the other hand, the Alpine Club of Canada in partnership with MEC scenic Canmore, Alberta hosted the HISTORIC FIRST EVER World Cup Bouldering event on Canadian soil.  I’ve never been to a Bouldering World Cup, and what better way to experience it than outdoors in the Rocky Mountains?  For more info, check out these links and see the results below.  This is a big step for competition climbing in Canada.  I personally think it’s great for our athletes and even our mountain community at large.  A HUGE high five to all the peeps who came together to pull this off,  looking at the FB page, it looks like a pile of fun.  I’ll be there next time, no half-way about it.  Keep cranking y’all and congrats to all the athletes….


1. Akiyo Noguchi (Japan)

2. Anna Stohr (Austria)

3. Jain Kim (Korea)

4. Juliane Wurm (Germany)

5. Mina Markovic (Slovenia)

6. Alex Puccio (USA)


1. Tsukuru Hori (Japan)

2. Klemen Becan (Slovenia)

3. Sean McColl (Canada)

4. Stefan Danker (Germany)

5. Atsushi Shimizu (Japan)

6. Wouter Jongeneelen (Netherlands)