Thanks to all the radical peeps who came out to the Five Ten Slide Show in So Ho New York on Monday!  I had a blast being there and meeting all of you, and I hope you got a kick out of some of my adventures.  The EMS store New York is smaller than most locations, but what they lack in square footage, they certainly make up for in goods and services.  Outgoing friendly folks and floor to ceiling climbing gear (like tri-cams and shit – ya).  Wall to wall shoes, bikes and kayaks.  A very fun store in all, in a location that will leave you feeling a bit wide eyed if you’re not from an urban area like myself.  It’s a crazy place New York, foot traffic moves faster than auto traffic, and every single walk of life imaginable roam the streets.  It’s certainly a sight to see.  Thanks again:)   I’m now in the Gunks of New Paltz, upper NY, hanging with my hero and legendary climber Russ Clune.  Unfortunately, the rain has not let up, but, like always, Dana and I are making the best of it.   But I will be in Burlington Vermont tonight, and back here to do another slide show for Five Ten at Rock and Snow on Saturday night.  Looking forward to it,  if you can, come on out, and I’ll show you the photo’s the magazines can’t print.  ha ha ha!See y’all soon and thanks for the killer recommendations of all the places to go,  (post below) but I can’t see it happening this trip, I have to be back after the weekend and the forecast doesn’t look promising, but it’s aalllllll goood, I’ll most likely be back this fall.  And next spring,  and next fall, and next spring and next fall and…….

  • Magnolia’s has some pretty amazing cupcakes.

  • would love to see a slide show here in San Diego. Everyone would be psyching..maybe one day!

  • allison

    blast! I missed you in NY?! you know i live here now, right? next time you are around, give me a hollar!