East Coast!

Yo what’s up y’all?   What’s everybody saying?  How’s the weather in your area?  How’s the motivation?  Anybody sending?  Any new adventures?  Always I hope.  It’s been a crazy year eh!  Wh0a!  La Nina?  What’s that all about anyway?  I’m in Providence right now, it’s pouring rain here today, and yesterday too, bummer, but we did take a sweet stroll through Lincoln Woods – what impeccable rock, very aesthetic,  great texture.  I even got an itch to rap down a line that we spotted,  just to see if there were any holds.  There were.  Like mega tiny crimps on a 15 degree wall, maybe next time, when it’s dry.

I’m hanging with Dana Seaton the New England Five Ten Rep, we’re on our way to New York City today for a slide show and visit.  I’m looking forward to it.  We’ll get to hit the Gunks this week as well.  Hopefully the skies will clear long enough for a few pitches. We have a 3 hour drive ahead of us to shake off the ring in our ears.  Imagine this…Social Distortion, in a theater of maybe 1000 people.  We were front and center.  There were some big boys and girls in the mosh pit, like B.I.G. – but friendly.  Although dressed in leather hats, studded pants, long mullets and tattoo’s, most of the peeps kept a very high level of civilization on the floor.  Nobody got hurt, nobody lost anything, except for a shoe, and the music was crystal clear, with amazing sound throughout.  One of the best live show’s I’ve ever been to.  If you get a chance to see these guys before they either die, retire or break up,  do it,  they will rock the house, you will sweat and in the morning you’ll be left with the lyrics of ‘Ring of Fire’, and ‘Story of my Life’ circling inside your head, and the mumbling of your friends will be lost behind the sweet distorted sound of the electric guitar.  It was perfect.  Thanks Dana and Kaila for the tickets!  Hope to see you all in New York.  Keep killing out there, life is short.

  • mike

    Sonnie, consider coming down for the New River Rendevous. It’s this weekend!

  • Hey Sonnie, are you making it to the New River Rendezvous while you’re out east? It’d be fun to meet again!

  • Hey, if you get a chance while your in the northeast to check out some of the climbing in the Adirondacks, you definitely should. That is… if the weather lets you.

  • Neel

    damn, social distortion still exists?! impressive. i always thought they were a one-hit-wonder from my grade school days. guess i was wrong… awful pun. sorry.

  • Kaleb

    You should come up to Newfoundland… I bet it is the only province with good established climbing that you haven’t climbed in…

  • You should definitely check out the adirondack climbing scene, if the weather permits…

  • Sonnie

    Thanks y’all. I’m going to keep all these tips and good psyched saved up for my return trip next, next fall. Hope everyone has a blast at the New.