Has it happened already?

Have we run out of fresh ideas?   Are we starting to make copies of the originals?  It’s almost as though they held the Rock and Ice issue in their hand before they took this shot for Rock.  Maybe it’s a coincidence?  Maybe not.  Either way, it’s pretty funny, must be a good shot, they both made the cover.   What’s most interesting here from a photographers perspective is that you can take nearly the exact same photo from nearly the exact same place, and still get a different image, a different feeling, a different perspective.  One will work better than another nearly every time.  And what is that “THING” that makes it work?  We’ve all seen this in our own photography, we’ll take dozens of images within the same moment and yet one picture will shine above the others.  Goes to show we need knowledge of the gear, experience, a keen eye and a bit of luck.   Lets keep it fresh if we can shall we!  This might take more work, more hustle, more creativity, but when you land a shot, that nobody’s done, and you nail it, that’s the reward.  With any good fortune, you might even make a few bucks.

  • Andrew

    Umm… They’re both Simon Carter’s photos of his wife aren’t they? I’ve got that copy of rock here and it says it’s Simon’s photo. I don’t have R&I here, but I remember Simon blogging about getting the cover shot. http://www.onsight.com.au/news-blog/articles/106/rock-and-ice-photo-annual

  • Stephen

    How old is the Rock & Ice?

  • Good catch. A month or so ago I was at my grandpa’s house and two of the auto magazines he subscribes to had the EXACT same car photo on the cover. They were cropped and colored a bit differently, but goes to show this is not just an issue in the climbing community.

  • Aussie sam

    Simon Carter: what can you say? Too much talent?
    I don’t think you’re going to get your ‘wires’ crossed too much – Does *Rock* get much distribution outside Australia?

  • Justin

    To get published do you have to give up rights on your photos?

  • Sonnie

    No you don’t give up the rights, you merely sell the rights for them to use the photograph for a particular project or length of time. Paul Bride on the left, 2007? and Simon Carter on the right, date unknown.

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