Music for Benefit!

Check out the new PATAGONIA website, it’s DOPE ASS if i might say.   They have a new media section dedicated to awesome fresh video’s as well as older classics that we all know and love.  But one of the best new additions to their award winning site is the Music Page.  They have touched base with some of the greatest artists of our generation and asked them to donate music for the benefit of the environment.   They got nearly a 100% cooperation agreement with artists, some of them including Eddie Vedder has donated an entire album to the cause.  These are tracks you can only hear on So while you’re browsing the stories, checking out the crazy sick photography, or buying a new spring climbing pant, you can listen to music, if you love that song, buy it and support the artist and support the environment.  It’s groovy man.

Also, if you’re looking for some good reading, check out baller man  Jonathan Thesenga and bad ass Brittany Griffith on their amazing adventure called Operation Algeria on the Cleanest Line Blog, really good times.  Click on photo below for more.

  • read this post today and then got home to see the latest patagonia europe catalogue had coincidentally come through the post, featuring your good self on the front. congratulations, it’s an awesome cover.