A Day in the Bay!

If New York is the Paris of America, then San Fransisco must be the Barcelona.  Am I right?  Colorful, playful, liberal, dynamic with slightly more sun, more transvestites and milder winters.

Now, I’m guilty of pre-judging San Fran because of it’s massive population, (I’m not a fan of urban sprawl) but now that I’m actually here, in the heart of the city, I realize it ain’t half bad.  Lydia and I drove down from Squamish for the Yoga Conference, yes, the yoga conference, Lydia got a nice opportunity to help a friend market and sell his genius chair product, you can check it out HERE, it really is genius, I mean, if you value your spine and everything.

So, like I was saying, the Yoga Con which is just like the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, (happening next weekend) but smaller with a mucho higher ratio of women to men, and a much, much, much greater amount of stretchy pants.  It’s like being on Campus of Boulder University in May, but in a more concentrated area, with less cars.  Of course, you can’t have a yoga conference without baggy hemp pant wearing, didgeridoo carrying, long hair pony tailed creepy douchebags hanging around the women’s washroom trying to meet single ladies.  I don’t mean to stereotype, it’s rude, but if they just stopped dressing like Davy Crockett and talking about their Shakras all the time, I wouldn’t have to.  I mean, honestly, if you’re trying to pick up a girl at a conference center dressed like a white rasta-baba-farian, you’re going to get pegged as a bit of a weirdo potential and scare “most” of them away.  Do us all a favor, shower, wear a nice clean shirt and leave the Shiva Rea coffee table book at home.

So, with all kidding aside, while this “enlightenment for sale” was going on, I’ve been running and biking around the city.  I’m no runner, but honestly there’s no better way to explore a new zone than going for a long jog.  I went for a few hours with my camera, running and walking and even rented a bicycle at some point.  Here are some pictures I took during my solo wanderings.

The San Fransisco Financial District with mid morning fog.

The top of telegraph hill has a fisheye mirror so drivers can see the fearful faces of the pedestrians right before they hit them.

Even construction workers do yoga in California.

Some place I forget, telegraph hill perhaps?

The only glimpse I got of that famous bridge.  What’s it called again?  Silver something…

A man on a stroll.  I particularly enjoy this picture.  Not sure why exactly.

The other big bridge, much later in the day of course.  Hope you enjoyed these.  Please don’t print them or use them for anything other than your own viewing pleasure.  If you’d like a bigger copy of them, for your desktop or prints, I am happy to send you a larger file.  Best Wishes and let me know if you like them, I”ll keep them coming if you do.  Namaste.

  • Adam

    Last pic is solid, good work man. If you get a chance check out Ritual coffee on Valencia, you won’t regret it. Cheers

  • Not your usual photography fare, and very, very enjoyable with some beautiful shots! Thanks.

  • tomi

    Dude, I love love your fotos!

  • Neel

    Beautiful shots – 60D?

  • Sean

    First pic is great. Well done.

  • Wangstaboogie

    luv the pics and big fan of your climbing. would luv to see what you could do with tilt-shift.

  • Sonnie

    Thank you,

    Wangsta I’d love a tilt shift, but I’m learning all too quickly how expensive gear is, and how it adds up faster than you can say “full frame sensors”, but I’m saving up and chipping away at my kit. Pushing the button is fun eh!

  • Sonnie, really enjoyed the pictures. You have a knack for getting great looking shots and these pictures capture an essence of the moment the photograph was taken. I really like the man on the stroll(the color contrast is beautiful and the man gives it a sense of motion while in mid-stride) and the first one is also incredible. Great job!

  • michael sampson

    The picture with the man strolling is interesting because it captures his mellow awareness of the moment around him. That to me is what makes good photos: capturing human interest in the moment.