Stoke is high!

This morning I put on my jacket that still smells like campfire smoke from Bishop. I chipped ice off my van.  But the sun is shinning in Squamish again, skies are blue, so stoke is high.  Getting ready to drive to the Island for tonight’s slide show, and I’m barely even unpacked.  However, I’m really looking forward to these ones, I’m actually very proud of the great material we have this year, with help from Andrew Burr and Paul Bride, Ben Moon and many others, like scenes from mine and Alex Honnold’s Mexico Adventure, and shots from new first ascents I’ve been working on, like the Intrepid Traverse, The Squamish Buttress – North Face, and Sugar Daddy, but mostly just dribble and spray and poser shots.  So come on out if you’re bored, inspired, or curious, or if you’re loved one is dragging you along, I’ll promise to make it interesting for you…  For example;  when I mime every single move on my latest sick tick, (painfully describing each lame micro crimp and overhead gaston – over and over and over again) I’ll be sure to go very slow so you can really pick up what I’m throwing down.  Grin:))   Check ya later.

  • Dave

    How do you wear a baseball hat while climbing?? Backwards, it hits the neck and pops off. Forward, and it blocks your overhead vision. How the hell do you do it??

  • Sonnie

    Sideways, yo!!

  • Legend.

  • Danny

    Sounds like it’ll be a good show, you’ll have to post some more pictures of your endeavors

    Next time you see Paul, tell em’ hi for me

  • Marc-Andre

    Such a great pic…. as Sonnie sits tired and defeated on the summit of the Chief, the obviously strong and chiseled man in the green shirts still stands, un-fazed by the challenges he has just overcome.

    Anyways, have a great show! I look forward to getting back to Squampton in a couple weeks! Stoke is so high!

  • Scott

    Great shot of you and MA, two rock jocks in their element

  • Steve Traversari

    I can’t wait to have you come back out East for another slide show. Perhaps when you’re back to see the family, let me know and maybe we can arrange something. Had I known you were going to be in La Belle Province early this year….
    By the way, just to pick up on Dave’s comment on the cap, you gotta start doing the helmet instead.

  • Charlie

    It would appear that people are starting to emmulate your use of “stoke”, here, and on other blogs. How does it feel to know you are influencing the use of the English languge?

    Keep the positive “stoke” coming!

  • Garner

    Hey Sonnie, it was great to meet you at the show in Campbell River and to have you share some of your adventures with us. You are a great ambassador for climbing and one of the true “good guys”. Much love from here on Vancouver Island, and next time I see you it will be at the crag instead!