Rules of Alpinism

…kicking and a gouging in the mud, the blood ‘n the beer…

Don’t forget slide show tomorrow night “On the Rocks”, Cambell River, BC, and Saturday night at “the Romper Room”, Nanaimo, BC.  Starting at 8pm.

In a recent blog post by legendary Rockies climber Raphael Slawinski, I thought I would share with you the funniest and perhaps most true statement I have ever read about the Art of Alpinism.

“Being miserable. Let’s face it, if at no point you didn’t wish you were somewhere else, you were probably not alpine climbing.”

Dreaming about being somewhere else on a single-push ascent of  Wild Thing on Mt. Chephren in the winter of 2009. Photo: Eamonn Walsh.

  • I would also add a corollary: “If no did you spend most of a climbing trip sitting around bored out of your mind, you were probably not in Patagonia.”

  • Excuse the typos. “If at no point did you spend…