Bishop Update!

Besides the fact that my girlfriend is back in Canada now and I’m alone, and grumpy, Bishop has been treating me very well.  I’ve met some of the best people I’ve met in a very long time, some Austrians, some Germans, an Alaskan and a Netherlander named Enzo.  The Germans rented a big RV from LA and it was home base for them for the last three weeks,  genius really.  It was big and warm and parked less than a three minute walk from the base of Evilution.  Amazing.  I’ve managed to warm up a little bit and tick some moderate classics.  But my skin feels like the ass of a newborn baby, and so, I have to ease into it.  The granite at the Buttermilks will grab you and rip you open if you’re not careful, so one has to be willing to move around, change up your lines and be flexible.  On top of it all, it snowed the day after I arrived and all the highballs are now covered in snow.  So I can’t even get up the backside to check them out,  not without some crampons anyway.  Hopefully soon, Bishop has some of the best, most aesthetic looking highballs anywhere in the world.

On that note.  The Mandala broke again yesterday, so the new rumor spreads.  But maybe ‘crumbled’ is the better term.  Do y’all remember the right hand nothing crimp that Dave Graham found while inspecting the line with a step ladder?  The one that changed the way it was climbed and graded?   Yah, that one.  I didn’t even realize it was big enough to break.  I mean how can something break from nothing?  But it has and now, people might have to resort to Sharma’s original 18 move sequence to unlock the line again.  If you forgot what that complex sequence looks like, I think Big Up has it on one of their videos.   Just a presumption.  I really don’t know.  I’ll have a close look today.  Stand by.

Buttermilk Road.

Me mum is from Winnipeg, ya, and me Pa is from Michigan, don’t ya know?  And Me van is from Hope.

Getting Medieval on that shit.

Haroun and the Sea of Stories, V11,  hands fucking down, the BEST boulder problem in the whole entire WORLD.

Zee wee German girl, crushing the upper crimps from the stand start.  V9.

And that’s all I got for today.