Sorry, no time for words!

Pictures are easier.   And yah, it’s been a while, I know, but there just hasn’t been much time on this trip, we’ve been on the move, and yet, there’s no time now either.  I’m sorry.  But for those non-believers, I HAVE been places, and I HAVE done things, in fact, right now, I’m at the Black Diamond Equipment headquarters in Salt Lake City, we did a tour of the manufacturing plant this afternoon and I actually got to make my own carabiner.  Boo-Ya. It rules, I’ll carry it with me to the grave.  Actually, deep down I always wanted to hand forge a piton at Yvons Chouinards tin shed, perhaps this may be the closest I’ll ever come.  ha ha.  Maybe.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  So now, I have a six hour drive to Las Vegas tonight,  so no words today, just some pictures to keep you tempted to come back another day, and until that day, keep on rocking in the free world.

This picture was taken just two days ago coming out of the Canyonlands, Utah.

And this picture, is of my darling Lydia, carrying the rope of course, and free soloing 5.7 on the Flat Irons of Boulder Colorado.  FUN- FUN- FUN.

And this is us (safely) on the Summit.  Hi MOM!

Jake on 5.11 in Estes Park Colorado, before winter whipped in and ruined all the fun.

And finally, my boys Josh and Kelly wrapping up the day on the First Flat Iron.   Yah, we’re crushers,  so what.

Three Soldiers in Arches National Park, taken yesterday while the man in the moon looks on.

And last, but certainly not least, the beautiful and yet, incredibly prickly desert cactus.

Gotta go NOW.  Big Drive.  Big Sky.  Big Fun.  Happy Trails.

  • Justin

    Great photo of the cactus!!

  • Rich Wheater

    Dude! We’re in Vegas now too. If yer here come find us at the campground.