If your in Boulder, Colorado today, check out the Movement Climbing Gym, it’s incredible.  Especially drop by after 5pm, Radical Ronnie Jenkins will be doing a FIVE TEN climbing shoe demonstration, and you can try all the newest models.  If you think you’ve seen everything Five Ten has to offer, you haven’t checked out the latest and greatest.  Such as the new Arrow Head,  by far my favorite five ten shoe at the moment.  It’s designed for steep precision climbing and I’ve been using it religiously on all overhanging terrain.  Think next generation Anasazi last with a downturned toe and a higher arch.  They’ve held up extremely well to the abuse I’ve inflicted.   They’ve held their shape beautifully and still look brand new.  And don’t be shy, Ronnie is the most approachable guy you’ll ever meet, with his southern drawl, and witty humor, he’ll have you smiling in a pair of snug boots in no time flat, so you can get on the wall, and send your proj.  For those who don’t know him (yet), Ronnie is a passionate climber and no slouch on the pebbles,  wrestling up to V13 with plenty of strength left for more.  Keep on eye on him, he’s a real inspiration.  I borrowed this photo of him from this link. Thanks.


  • Micah

    Hey Sonnie,

    How do the arrowheads fit compared to your anasazi velcros or lace-ups? I’ve been thinking about ordering a pair but there’s no where to try them on anywhere near me.

    – Micah