Slide Show!

Turned 31 two days ago.  Yup, 31.  The same age as Wolfgang Gullich was when he climbed Action Direct.  So now, I’m going to get super human strength.  Right?  Not likely.  I mean good god mate, did you see the late Germans forearms?  I especially won’t get there without earning it.  But I do feel that 31 might be the beginning of this elusive man strength I’ve been hearing about.  Just the other day, while at a busy local eatery, I was able to move around two, (count ’em, 2) cafeteria style chairs at the same time without getting pumped or out of breath.  Hope is on the horizon.

Now, with this turning point in my life behind me, I also hope for a chance to start over.  So to speak.  You know?  As I enter the 2nd/3rd of my lifespan, and even though it’s a lofty goal (especially for a dumb-ass like myself), still, I’d like try and let go of all the bullshit of being young, stupid, insecure and immature.  I’d like to write on a fresh pad of paper starting two days ago.  I realize we can do this anytime we choose throughout our existence, and perhaps we should, but somehow at 31 it seems fitting for me.  I’d like to let go of all the ridiculous things I’ve said and done, and move forward with a greater sense of compassion, understanding and a more accurate golf swing.  I don’t care if the ball goes further, as long as it goes straighter.

So, moving on.  I have another video to share, well, actually it’s not a video at all.  It’s a slide show.

In 2009, I was asked to participate in a fun photo contest for the amusement of beer drinking climbers. There were 5 contributing “artists” and for better or for worse, I was one of them. Up until this point in my life, I wasn’t much of a photographer, but I did enjoy taking pictures, and this clip is the product of some of those years. I hope you get a kick out of it and see some familiar faces.  Thanks for dropping in.

The Squamish Pro Show from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

  • kevin@fiveten

    yeah Sonnie! nice one…enjoying what you share, your perspective, and hopefully a rope with you sometime this winter…remember we got some goodies down in So Cal 😉

  • Tom

    Happy birthday Sonnie!!

    Some amazing photos there. Got me psyched to get out and climb more, even in this cold wet Glaswegian winter.

  • Jat

    youve got some great photos there. well done. motivated me even more. Cant wait until im fixed and can climb again.

  • Paul

    Fun show, Sonnie; some great pictures. What are the three songs you used?


  • VERY nice slideshow. Psyche.

  • Forest freak

    RAD photos Sonnie. I tip my hat to your mad skills on rock and behind the lens!

  • yep, your man strength should soon be in full effect!

  • ktmt


  • luke

    single best thing i have seen on the web in a long time. thanks for the psych!