Black Diamond and Five Ten better jump on this train, because fanny packs are coming back with a vengeance.  I mean C’mon, think about it, where else are we supposed to keep our tator tots?  Our keys and wallet when we’re at the beach.  Or our dogs?  Face it, Fanny Backs are all the rage.

So, with my lack of will against direct marketing, I went out a bought a fanny pack.  I’m NOT even joking.

As we were mentioning in the last post, I am (and we are) amateur photographers,  hoping to make it into the big leagues.  If you wanna play NFL football, you better bring the right pig-skin,  if you don’t, coach won’t be put you in during the last quarter, you won’t win state, you won’t turn pro, and you won’t be sitting in a hot tub with your soul mate.  What I’m saying behind all this Dynamite is that if you don’t come prepared, you won’t get the shot.

Tip of the week. Get a fanny pack (pardon my french)

I tried EVERYTHING before I clued in.  But yet, nothing worked.  Here is my back-pack/briefcase bag.  LAME!!!

Here is my Black Diamond Bullet pack.  I tried.  Not lame, bad ass, but still doesn’t work for carrying your camera gear.

My computer shoulder bag, by patagonia, also bad ass, but is too baggy for camera gear.  I dropped three lens caps using this.

Again, it was Andrew Burr (BELOW) who showed me the light.  Just look at that fanny.   BTW – This is a picture I took three weeks ago while in Quebec,  the route is called Toit De Ben, meaning Ben’s Roof.  CLASSIC.

So, here is the model I got.  $79.99 at Lens and Shutter.  It’s not huge, but it gets the job DONE.  It’s made by Lowe Pro, but I just cut off all the extra straps and junk that didn’t really do anything but get in the way.  Now it’s streamlined.

It’s got enough for all your memory cards, three lenses, plus your body.  Note; it may not be big enough for the 5D.  But my 60D fits perfectly in this model.

Now I look just like a pro.  Also,  you can wear it simply as a shoulder bag if you don’t feel “comfortable” wearing the waist strap.  Or you can wear it on your back, so it’s less conspicuous and probably more studly.

But eventually you have to flip it around so you can have access to it.  As you can clearly see from this picture, it opens up and stays open, it’s rigid enough that you can use both hands at the same time to change lenses or whatever it is you do.  It may be a fanny pack, but this one is extremely useful so get over it.  ha ha ha.

The FACT is, you will ALWAYS have your camera ready, you will NEVER again have to set down your back pack to pull out your camera (so you won’t have any excuse to be LAZY and pass on an opportunity) think of it like a desktop, it’s ready when you are.

I see the way Burr uses his, and thus he uses his camera all the time.  He’s a brilliant photographer, yes, that’s well known, but he’s also hard working and I’m willing to bet he takes 10 billion times more photographs than any of us.  Now you know the secret, so go on, get a fanny pack, and be great.

Nathalie Malo, reenacting her effortless ascent of Toit De Ben, 5.13a.   Burr, capturing the magic.  Again.

  • PVZ

    your mom is wack, your dad is wack
    i carry handi-wipes in my fanny pack

  • Pascal

    stitch a BD-daisy on that shoulder strap to clip your gear.. Easy access and looks cool as well.

  • Scott

    Sonny good choice, I have that same fanny BUT one bag you might also consider is the Lowepro Topload Zoom AW..I have been using one of these for many many years. Great for climbing photography as you can just “drop” the camera in. Looks like you are setting yourself up for your next career! But I do take exception to your choice in cameras LOL.

  • Fanny packs are great, here is one,

    And here you can read an interesting post on mountaineering photography and how he carries his gear,

    Keep up the good work,


    PS: one Q, did you choose the 60D due to the size, cost or other reason? I am just thinking of the HD video on the 5D and full frame possibilites. Here is a good video shot on a similar to the 5D camera by Nikon, not sure if you have seen this,

  • Sonnie Trotter

    AWESOME tips and advice guys, thanks so much, I’m sure many others will appreciate it also. Scott, not a next career, it’s all one and the same for me. It’s all passion, the trick, is learning how to make money doing it, so that you can keep doing it. I’ve got lots of homework to do, but I’m learning as I go.

  • I don’t use the shoulder bag Hilmar linked to but the Thinktank Skin instead, which is a modular fanny pack system (one pouch per lens/camera body). It allows to take up the wall exactly what you need to. It also balances the weight better, which allowed me to lead 5.10 and WI4 with it.

    Good luck in trying to compete with Burr 🙂