Thanks Joe for the awesome video below.  Seriously, well edited, tight, interesting, fun stuff.  While on the program, here is a video I just saw today of Adam Ondra, from BLACK DIAMOND, I know everyone has already seen this, and I’m behind the times, but damn if this isn’t one of the best sport climbing segments I’ve seen in a long time.  For free? And it’s the first time I’ve heard Adam speaking English which is sort of cool I thought.  Also, it’s the first time I’ve seen him making 5.15a look pretty easy.  What a line.  IN regards to Three Degree’s of Separation, 5.14d, I heard from a friend of mine (who’s tried it) that a hold broke since the FA, not sure where or if it effects the dyno or not, but curious if Adam knew about that.  Either way, pretty awesome to watch him get burly with it.  The only part that threw me off, was when he was walking up to the cliff, by himself, it felt a bit lonely.  But hey, we all need our alone time I guess.  Enjoy the video.  It’s very inspiring.  Watch it FULL SCREEN if you can.

VIDEO PROFILE: BD athlete Adam Ondra on first ascent of L‘étrange Ivresse des Lenteurs (9a+), Ceüse, France from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

  • Pretty sick free vid! I have to agree with you sonnie!

  • You would have been on this earlier if you were on Facebook dude :p

  • Marc Siddens

    Ha, nice dig on FB. Regardless thanks for sharing the link….I enjoyed it myself.

  • tim

    He is absolutely amazing!

  • Bernardo Giménez

    Yes Sonnie, Adam know about the broken hold in Three D of S. and doesn’t affect the dyno.

  • Sonnie

    Hey Bernardo, thanks so much for sharing that information, good to know. The dyno looks crazy hard!!

  • Vlad

    Thanks for sharing, Sonnie! Awesome video. Adam does some talking in English in “Progression”. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already. However, it sounds like he has a potato in his mouth. His English seems to have improved a LOT in this video (-:

    By the way, Pretty Lights music seems to make any video that much better!

  • Hanne

    Thank god, he can’t slackline…