Joe Kinder Does it again…

Well yes, he sent his new 5.14c project in Rifle, (Congrats on that, I read about it on facebook last week)  but that’s not what I’m talking about.  What he did again was show us all why Joey is a professional climber, why he’s an ambassador for the vertical industry.  Not just because he climbs 5.14, and not just because his girlfriend is hot, or because he’s putting up new routes, and not because he draws funny and obscene things with chalk at the base of sport routes, but because he’s devoted to the art of climbing.  Joe is as outgoing as they come, and he’s committed to the community and to the companies that support him and keep the big wheel moving forward.  One such company is Sterling Rope, innovative by design, down to earth by nature.  I had the WONDERFUL pleasure of spending the day in the office with Joe, Chris, Daila and meeting with sales staff and watching the way the manufacturing weaves through the plant, all to a bomber finished product on the other side.  Thanks to Joe for sharing this (nice work on the edit btw), and thanks to Sterling for the kind New England hospitality.  Amazing.

Sterling Rope Factory Visit 2010 from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

  • Neel

    Nice work on the video, Joey!
    Sounds like a fun place to work…
    “what do you do for a living?”… “i break shit”

  • micah

    I really like the shirts Jim and Chris were wearing!
    I guess the rope was cool too…
    Thanks for sharing this Sonnie.

  • Fre

    Great video Joey!