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What are you doing right now?

Right now, (for those who shouldn’t care) I’m celebrating (not to mention publicly humiliating myself by announcing) my freedom from facebook.  The social networking program is very intelligent indeed, and it’s not necessarily a negative thing for our society, many wonderful things came and continue to come from the 2 million plus user web-site, including a Missing Childrens Page,  which help Investigators receive clues and ultimately track down victims in record time.  But, for me, the bad kept outweighing the good.  Even for a spray lord professional climber like myself – enough was enough.  From now on, I’ll only be delivering news, pics, and/or thoughts through the websites of my true friends, my innovative sponsors, and my own homey home page.

At the end of the day, you just gotta ask yourself – What was or is facebook REALLY about?  I feel as though I just broke up with a high maintenance girlfriend, or regimented climbing partner, he he,  But seriously, I feel light.  I feel free.  I feel slightly disconnected to the outside world, but more connected to my own.  So, now, with no cell phone and no facebook, Lydia and I are even harder to reach and deeper into the “old school” (read; new school hippy wannabee’s resisting to change) way of living.

But, please, if it’s important and you’d still like to chat with me, both e-mail and my home phone will work just as well as they always have.  Thanks for listening to my crud, as usual.   The sun is shinning again, and it’s time to drink a beer and investigate some seeping projects.   Rock Climbing FOREVER man.  Best wishes to all.


This is me,  breaking free from the ridiculous.   Photo by Keith Ladzinski.

  • S

    Hi Sonnie,
    Great to hear you’re not a part of Facebook anymore. I never was.

    But more importantly, how was the photo taken? It’s an interesting effect.


  • Welcome to the club! Congrats on a huge send. Did you delete or just deactivate? I rid myself of that screen of stress and never looked back… well, almost never 😉

  • Sonnie

    S, he used two flashes, and set them off just as the sun was setting. Makes it look like a studio shot, but that way he can expose for both the sun and the bright lights aimed onto the subject. But be ware, the lights are heavy power sucking machines and sort of a bitch to set up right.

    Dex, what’s the difference? Between deleting and deactivating? Did I fu*k it up?

  • Justin

    Sonnie U da man…maybe you can post more here about random bullsh8. I have many long days at work so checking all the spray keeps me entertained.

  • Charlie

    Deactivating your account still allows Facebook to use the existing information in your account to make money. Deleting your account (I understand it to be a difficult thing to do) makes sure that your identity, and more importantly your personal info, can no longer be used by Facebook.

    Cool pic 🙂

  • Sonnie

    Charlie, got any beta on how to do that? Part of the reason I closed FB was because I didn’t want them selling my information any longer. I’ll look into it. Thanks.

  • vsiaki

    Good job.

    FB is friendship as performance.

    FB is “Big Brother” manifested . . . voluntarily!