GREAT NEWS,  the rain stopped in Quebec, almost suddenly. The sun came out, the skies turned blue, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. We’re climbing, we’re so lucky. It’s BLISSFUL. The only thing more golden than the rock itself, are the local climbers here.   AMAZING.  What an incredible community.  Although small, they are tight friends and committed climbers. Val David is one of the MOST beautiful places I have ever seen in Canada, not just for climbing, (they have trad, sport and classic bouldering) but for mountain biking, walking, hiking, skiing, paddling, eating, farming, living, it’s all here, it’s like a smaller, albeit much quainter version of Squamish. I’ve been here before and I absolutely loved it, but I was young, I had so much more to see in the world. Now that I’m back, I realize it’s true majesty. Here are some photo’s from our trip. A big picture essay if you will…

Montreal, “The City of Lights”.  This is when the skies finally cleared.  It was perfect.

JP Ouellet, aka, Mega Pee Wee, racking up at the parking lot, the next day.

The New project.  A3+, it’s short, it’s burly, it’s exciting and it climbs like the best boulder problem I’ve ever done.  V7 to a shake, into a V11.

Pee Wee after too many chocolate croissants.  One thing for sure, these Quebec climbers know how to make decent pastry, and divine coffee.

Again, Pee Wee going for broke at the lip.  The lip encounter is the hardest part by far, not just getting to it, but holding the swing too. Each move goes at V8 by themselves maybe.  It’s one of the hardest I’ve tried in a very long time.  I am in LOVE.

Pee Wee and Andrew Burr,  best friends forever.  I still don’t know what Burr is doing with his left hand??  Or his right???

Dinner.  Everything here just feels a little…European?   There’s a way they do things here, build things, say things, that just feels, more…hmmmm….how do you say….romantic?

Water, Wine and Heinekens.

Bon appetit.

Andre Burr, getting his photo taken.   Wait until you see the pictures he’s getting here, it may make you rethink your next roadtrip destination.

Nobody here hikes, they stroll to the cliffs, they way it should be.

Enough said I think.

The Amphitheatre of Mont King, the inventor and patent holder of the notorious, roof crack.  Known around the world.  Where ever roof cracks are found, it originated here.  Le Toit de Ben.  Coming soon…

The scene, always friendly, always beautiful.

Not bad for a point and shoot camera.  This is the forest in Val David, it’s equally as enchanting as any forest I’ve ever seen.  Wait til you see the boulders.

Just like Font, climbing here is a family affair.  Young Sol (11) belays his father John.

And Sol’s little sister, whose name I have temporarily forgotten, but who stole my heart, when she slung her fathers rack over her shoulder.

Little Sol, (small for his age,  but who wasn’t) now fearlessly leading the 5.10c splitter crack.  Magic.

Mont King from across the lake.  One of dozens of granite cliffs located around Les Laurentides Mountains.

Our gracious and colorful host, Ghislain, climbing a 5.11 to warm up before the sun hits the wall at another crag I forgot the name of.   I do enjoy this “point and shoot fotography”.  This wouldn’t be a bad shot if we could just get rid of some of those damn tree’s, he he,  joking.  Bad idea.

What would a Canadian Road trip be without Maple Leaves basking in the afternoon sun?

Like I said,  everybody’s friendly.

Even the cafe’s here, they have a “Je Ne Sais Quoi” about them.

And NOT to bring business into this post,  but for those of you dreamers out there, DAMN is Val David ever reasonably priced.  I found this charming little swiss ski lodge, with a basement suite for $189,000.  This same house in Squamish would run you a cool $500,000, minimum.  WTF?

Okay, that it’s for me.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  We’re going back out the climb something called the Spire.  Gotta go.  We’re strolling.

  • Hi Sonnie,

    I’m glad you love the crag here in Val-David.
    I’m the editor of 2 outdoor mag here in Quebec ( in FRENCH and in ENGLISH).
    If you are still around for a while, we would be glad to have a do an interview with you.

    Let me know what you think.
    or give me a call

    work : 514-277-3477 #22
    cell : 514-792-3686


    Christian Levesque

  • Marc S.

    wow, cool stuff and a great looking time

  • Rich Wheater

    Hurry up & stroll there Trotter… then buy that little house and rent me the basement 🙂

  • Rob

    Actually the shot with the climber and the trees was my fav… I really liked the perspective. I think it captures a certain essence of climbing. Looks like a great trip glad the weather turned for you.

  • Dave

    beautiful photos!

  • Hope you’ll have time to sample a bit of the local sport climbing once you’re done with all them cracks and them boulders ;-). I’m sure your hosts will agree that at the very least the Cap des peres is worth an afternoon stroll.

    Very nice pics indeed, and nice words. Makes us appreciate a bit more what we have at our doorstep, though I was never one to complain in the first place.

  • Dy

    point and shoot? no way! what kind of camera are you using?

    wonderful fall colors…

  • Sonnie

    Yah Dy, a point and shoot. Check out the CANON, S90, it’s SIIIIIIIICK!