Day Ja Vooooo!

The last time I was in lovely Quebec, was September, 2005.  My climbing partner Nick Sagar and I attempted to free climb the big beautiful walls of Cap Trinite, north of Quebec City.  We woke up nearly every morning to the sound of rain hammering on our tents and wet snow drowning our efforts.  It got so wet and cold in fact, that along with Mike Landkroon, we broke into the men’s public washroom and rigged the thermostat with a pocket knife, we ran extension cords inside so we could watch movies on the laptop and drink wine with thawed fingers.  T’was a low point in me life.  If we didn’t have to go back up and retrieve our gear, we would have left days before – it was hurricane season on the Atlantic Ocean, and we were in the heavy wash cycle.  When I got home, I swore to myself the next road trip I took would be to Utah, or Nevada, or Arizona.  “Fuck this suffering shit”, I thought, I live in Squamish, I get enough H2O, who needs to travel across the country for more?

How soon we forget?

I’m back now, trying to climb at Val David with my buddy Pee Wee Ouellet.  I had a pipe dream that I could climb a route that is notorious for being wet,  La Zebree, 5.14a, but alas, it is (and was) a vertical river hanging over us.  Yesterday it started raining again, Hurricane Nicole is on the loose, and there is no sight of her letting up.  At all.

Andrew Burr earlier in the day, St.Catherines street if my memory serves me correct.

A smoke shop, selling more than just fine cigars.  We have some friends in the climbing world who might actually put this sort of contraption to good use:)

Evening is upon us, we haven’t had dinner, only coffee.  I’m dancing in my chair.  Loosing my marbles.  Thinking about beer, but too dehydrated to move.  Rain was sideways, roads were rivers, and our new project is somewhere out there getting pissed on.  I don’t ask for much, (okay I do) but today I begged for sun, and wind, and a timeshare in Flagstaff.

Cap Trinite, the cliff we failed to climb back in the day.  We made it all the way to just below those orange roofs before we pulled the plug.  Landkroon Photo.

Drive safely y’all.  Hmmmm, I wonder if Pee Wee has a kayak?

  • Man I feel bad for those commuters whose cars are flooded!

  • Apes

    Is it just me or do you look like Joe Kinder at quick glance in the photo of him painting? Just real quick.