Can't believe it's nearly Oct?

What happened to Sept?  I’m here now in Portland, Maine after a sluggish day of flying across the country.  Great city, very charming.  I just pulled back a sweet pint of IPA from some micro brewery and couldn’t stop thinking about Lobster for some reason, ha ha, ha.  I’m sorry for my lack of activity here, it’s been a busy month.  I did however manage to pull off a new route recently, something I’ve been dabbling with for a while.  It’s certainly not the hardest thing I’ve ever climbed, but I am especially proud of this line, it’s absolutely brilliant.  If I do say so myself.  I hope to share lots more about this soon, and a recap of this coming weekend at the Nor’Easter event and the climbing we get up to while being here, Rumney might happen, North Conway, then up to Val David for some poutine and rain.  Wish us luck.  Until then I’ll leave you with a high res picture of the wall we climbed.  It’s such terrific granite, and the climb is of the highest quality.  What makes this golden 4 pitch line unique, is that it traverses for nearly 200 feet.  Look closely, you’ll see a STRIKING seam that runs from right to left,  that’s the line, er well,  some of it anyway.

It’s called the Intrepid Traverse,  and goes at a reasonable and alluring grade of 5.13b/c.  Intrepid means : invulnerable to fear or intimidation and although nothing about this climb is very scary, it’s still a traverse and leaves you hanging out over the edge of the world.  Click to enlarge.  For those who can,  trust me, this thing is a mega classic.  Like MEGA MEGA.

Okay, it’s fuggin late, enjoy the snaps, I gotta go, 7 am wake-up call and a tour of the Sterling Rope Factory with Chris Sharma, Daila Ojeda and Joey Kinder tomorrow.  Should be fun.  I hope they like beer as much as I do, we’re in MAINE after all.


  • Sonnie! You’re in my hometown! Have a great time while you’re here, and definitely check out Novare Res (off Exchange St). More beers than you can shake a pint glass at.

  • Olivier

    Any particular projects in Val David? Apart from the poutine I mean…

  • tim

    hey if you’d care to do some really gneiss bouldering come on down to Great Barrington. Just ask Joey about it I’m sure he’ll give you an earful.Have a great trip.

  • Sonnie

    We went to the flatbread, turns out everyone here loves beer. Had so much fun.

  • Adam

    don’t miss Grannies Burritos while in Portland!