Family Time!

I’m taking time off to see the family, so you won’t be hearing from me for a week or so.  But I wanted to depart with two pictures that I took most recently.  The First is of Jesse Huey, a Seattle/Boulder, energizer bunny, who crushes big mountains, thin ice, and 5.13 cracks.  Here he is on his first 5.13 ever, the imposing – overhanging 180 foot tall Squamish classic “The Shadow”,  from ledge to ledge.  Congrats buddy,  a vertical marathon and one of the most inspiring days of climbing I’ve seen in months.  A proud effort, thanks for the good times up there.

The second picture is of my man Jeremy Blumel,  we went up last weekend to finish off the prep work to a summer long project I’ve been neglecting.  We got up there with everything we needed for the day, and then the battery died.   DOH!  Not the first time this has happened to me and surely won’t be the last.  Our spirits sank (instead of our anchors), and we marched back down empty handed, but we did manage to clean up my “mess” from 9 months earlier.  A rack of ancient booty cams left in the rain all winter (note for future projects).  Oh and a huge shout out to Jeremy as well,  who ALSO,  just sent the Shadow.  Which if I wasn’t clear earlier, is one of the best pitches of rock climbing, ANYWHERE.  BIG UP BOYS, respect.

And finally,  a dead dreamy picture from Tim Emmet who is vacationing in the paradise of Scotland right now.  Perhaps a new hot spot for Honeymooners and sport clippers?   Watch out Kalymnos,  you have some competition now,  once word gets out,  the crowds will flock.

  • Marc Siddens

    good lord, I love Scotland but serious…that last shot is hideous. Like, not even fun. Sorta

  • Matt Tack

    That Big Climb that Tim and Dave did was brilliant. Bold stuff, all live on camera, no rehearsals or out-takes. Reminds me that 1) I always take a long time at belay stations 2) Even Tim can get wide-eyed topping out on slippery wet rock and 3) Even Dave can drag his toes. When he is injured. After multiple E6+ pitches. In the cold and rain. Hell, makes me warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

    Great posts lately, Sonnie, love the pics (esp Wolf) & vids (esp the Gunks). Enjoy the fam time and look forward to seeing what you have been up to when we are back from Kaly, Siurana and Ceuse. Which will be my last all-too-brief chance to live the Euro-dream for a little while. Rock on!