Is it just me, or does anyone else seemed bothered or disappointed, by the fact that reports Will Stanhope and Alex Honnold’s latest adventure together, as the HONNOLD adventure?  What the hell is wrong with the world?  I saw this last week and just couldn’t let it go.

Now we’re not dumb, we all know Alex Honnold has a name and a reputation in the climbing world, (I mean the kids got talent) and it will attract hits on the home page I’m sure.  Whatever.  But where (might I ask) is the honor and decency (not to mention respect) in dismissing someone else’s hard work, vision and skill?  Will Stanhope is a world class rock climber, strong both physically and mentally, and his whimsical approach is both refreshing and inspiring.  Stanhope’s a local fool and hero to many, but I don’t need to remind anyone of that, his climbing speaks for itself.  To clarify, bagging 4 routes in a day on the Chief was Will’s concept, Will’s plan, Will’s imagination, Will’s backyard, and he only needed a partner to either A) Hold the rope for him, OR  B)  To join in the fun.

Enter: Alex.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I love Climbing Magazine, I work with Climbing Magazine, and I check the site often, this is NOT slander, this is simply the expression of my dissatisfaction towards NEWS in our society – and the way it’s reported in general to attract flies to paper.  Especially when it effects the people I admire.  I am well aware that they mention Will in the “article” but it hardly does the boy any justice.  For all we know, he could have jugged the ropes.  Nor is this to single out Honnold,  he’s a magician, an athlete and a much valued friend.  Congratulations to both climbers,  sincerely, it was a remarkable day on the rock,  the only slagging remark I have is, why didn’t you punters climb a fifth route?  You were done so early? 😉

  • Jesse

    This jumped out to me too, definitely disappointing. Talented TEAM effort for sure.

  • Fre

    It sucks that the comments on confirm that people think Stanhope (how hard is it to get his name right) is a rope-boy for Honnold…

  • Marc-Andre

    The comments on were made by Will’s friends as a joke… pointing out their lack of proper reporting.

  • Pascal

    Has the newsitem been changed since? I don’t see much wrong with the article and does them both equal justice.
    “Honnold and partner Will Stanhope freeclimbed four routes on the Chief”
    “Last, the pair climbed Freeway”
    “The climbers made it back to the van at 6:30 p.m., having climbed more than 40 pitches in 13.5 hours.”
    the article finishes with a link to Will Stanhopes website/blog.

    The only additional reference made to Honnold is that he can add this to his list of impressive linkups. This might have justified the title for them. Honnold is ofcourse more widely known. Lets hope that Honnolds name gives Will added publicity as well. Great job to both.

  • Sonnie

    Hey Pascal, what about “adding to Stanhope’s list of impressive link-ups”? Where’s that mentioned? And I personally don’t much care if Honnold is more widely known, it was a TEAM ascent. That’s the bottom line. Hence the reason for my vent. Again, (and agreed), great job to both!

  • Danny

    Big Willie Style

  • ClimberJohn

    dude most of the stuff in the mags is pure spray spun a different way. “sonnie trotter climbs 5.14 wearing a pink tutu with hipster sunglasses while contemplating the addition of lycra to his ensemble”, a la ‘punks in the gym’ style.

    personally i’d like to see more stuff with the unsponsored guys who are sending strong or doing something new than the same old faces.

    that’s not taking away from what these two did, which is amazing by today’s and tomorrow’s standards. and yeah i think it was lame that emphasized Alex over Will.

    summary: tour de poseur continues, same egos and icons. its Glam rock ‘ n’ roll all over, Spanish mullet invasion coming to your magazine soon!

  • I remember several years ago watching a lanky snot nose kid free solo “Climb & Punishment” (11a) in the Smoke Bluffs. I of course was hanging all over the route beside this kid. I have follow Will’s achievement ever since and this link up is an amazing effort! Big Shout Out to the local boys of Squamish for keeping me inspired!

  • lily

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