Happy Civic Day Long Weekend my fellow ‘Eh’ people.  I’m sitting in a cafe in trundy Kitsilano, Vancouver.  “Trundy” is a new word I just made up right now, it means Trendy and Yuppy at the same time.  But clearly my need to make fun, simply advertises my jealousy for such a tidy neighborhood.  I too wish I had both a 2010 BMW and a counterculture 1974 Volkswagon van sitting in my driveway, it’s true, they both look like so much fun to drive.  Although I could do without the skinny jeans and the twin Weimaraner’s for now.  Also, I can’t help but wonder if the dual surfboards on the top of the mini-bus actually get wet from time to time?

It’s now 7am on Monday morning, and the streets are glowing from a mango colored sun.  Old men and hipsters alike walk the streets outside with coffee, newspapers and cigarettes in hand.  The roads have few cars, the city slickers must be sleeping in today.  Hopefully not too much, some University, Somewhere, just released a study recently that says “more than 7 hours sleep and less then 5 can dramatically increase your chances of getting” something bad for your health I’m sure.  Which isn’t good news for me, I like my 8-9 hours.  Maybe athletes are allowed a little more pillow time?  I hope so.  I haven’t had much of a rest day this week.  I’m working on 3 projects all at the same time.  Which means, a tonne of vertical pitches, a tonne of cleaning, a tonne of hauling, a tonne of hiking with heavy packs and a tonne of sleep. I think it’s a mild addiction I might have, my girlfriend thinks I’m just an idiot.  She’s probably right.

Today, I have a slide show type flick – It’s a super dorky day with me and my lady ninja, Lydia Zamorano. I say dorky, because it’s true, you see, when you’re in love, you don’t have to be cool any more. ha ha. Those who are there, know what I mean. Tall Storey is a modern mega classic, towering 8 sport pitches high, it goes all free at 5.11c in Echo Canyon, Canmore, Alberta and we got the 3rd ascent baby, Yah!  In case you’re wondering, Echo Canyon is the latest name to a MAJOR limestone zone also known as Grotto Canyon, or the Colosseum.  Incredibly enough, it’s located just behind the Alpine Club of Canada’s Clubhouse. Basically, you park in the lot and walk up the hill from there, you can’t miss it, and when you come down, you can have a hut waiting for you, with clean showers, and a hot mug of tea.  The route has an hour and a half approach, and we went pretty slowly, enjoying the day.  We did the climb in 8 hours car to car, but a rock slide washed out the descent trail, making it scary and dangerous, glad we’re home and I’m able to upload this for family and friends. Just another fun day in the Rocky Mountains I guess. Stay tuned for the finale – after 8 pitches of solid 5.11 climbing, and an off the couch no falls ascent, Lydia gets pumped (finally) and nearly loses her cool gunning for the summit…:)

Another great Tall Storey description with photos can be found here.

TALL STOREY from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

  • That looks like the kind of day I would absolutely love.

    Great job with the video too!

  • Marc S.

    Man, that looks AWESOME. Mega fun day too!.

    PS, those blue hiking shorts would be considered obscene, even in California. Way to represent:-)

  • Sonnie

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. Sincerely! I hope you get to enjoy it one day too. It was surprisingly steep the whole way.
    I forgot to thank Chris and Ian Perry for their hard work in establishing the climb. A truly wonderful contribution.

  • great song choice sonnie, it set the perfect vibe for the serene climb. y’all together, is just perfect. but, you can’t really think you’d be able to post this without some harassment for those hot shorts, did ya?

  • Fashionista

    Echo Canyon is a couple canyons east of Grotto Canyon on Grotto Mountain, is that what you meant to say?

  • Fashionista

    And by east I mean west.

  • Gery

    Sonnie, I agree the walk off is a bit dangerous after the rock slide. I would strongly recommend to rappel the route. With a 60m single rope you can make 2 raps back to the ledge. Then make sure you rap of the chains on a big tree 8m right of the anchors. 4 more raps straight down to the base. No need to bring shoes and packs either. Have fun!

  • Sonnie, nice work man. My heart aches for a simple day in the hills with my wife. That looked like the stuff that makes relationships happy, and fulfilling. Not the dry surf-boards, the bus and the beamer. I bet they fight like hell to pay for the stuff. You get to climb with better half and all she wants from you is to catch her if she falls. It’s perfect.

    Whoever said you were wearing shorts (Marc) is on some fine white huff because you are certainly rocking “free” in your fruit of the looms or I’m on acid. From now on when Sonnie says, “all free” I’m going to make sure the kids are in bed.

    Awesome. So gorgeous, I just love the imagery.

  • Kevin

    awesome video. thanks for sharing.

  • Sonnie

    Sorry about the patagucci ginch shots, ha ha, obscene is for real, Lydia made me do it – besides, it’s the best way to do a long hike.

  • Linus

    you guys are so f-ing cute! …and dorky 🙂

  • Martin

    This is pure sweetness!! you both keep shining, the world needs more lovers like you two!

  • Danny

    Hey Sonnie did you get a chance to check out the video by Andrew Burr called Boogie ’til you Poop, hilarious. I also noticed a cameo by Big Will.

  • Danny

    Correction, Burr was on stills, Cedar Wright on video

  • Rich

    Best way to do a long hike? Your lady tricked you!

  • Rob


    I don’t know what the rules are in canada about pants in general but I would think that they would be useful whilst hiking. Anyway, good dorky video. I’ll have to check out some places in canada one of these here days.