BDEL and Gggggripped links.

As you know, Black Diamond has a KILLER web-site Journal.  It reports new routes, new adventures or just some inspiring eye candy.  I wrote a short story about one of my (many) projects up here in Squamish, and they posted it up last week.  Although I was very busy day and night scrubbing a new route when it came out, I finally had some time to take a peek and share it here.  So if you haven’t already, check out some point and shoot pics of myself and my friend Paul Bride trying the new proj on the Prow Wall.  It’s impeccable stone and it’s going to be fun HARD.  For info on the new route I was referring to check out the Gripped News Page.  I’ll post more here early this week so stay tuned.  Basically,  it was a fucking riot up there.  My friend Ben and I cleaned a line with super immaculate climbing that goes at 5.9 (yes, 5.9, not a sandbag) and probably the easiest way to the Summit of the Chief.  So that’s cool.  Until that post comes…here you go… hope it’s a great weekend for y’all.

  • David

    Yo Sonnie
    Did the new pitch today and linked it into the Crest. Sorry I missed the “groovey train” on friday, sounded lively : )
    You guys did a great job and it’s a great pitch. There was already a party on it when I was on it and I passed two other parties that were heading to do it! The .10c pitch may go the way of Heatwave.
    Again, thanks for the stress free summit! Awesome!


  • Sonnie

    dude, that’s hilarious, awesome work. I heard five parties did it on Sunday, and my friend Jamie guided it today as well. I’m so psyched that people are enjoying it. That’s the most rewarding part. I’ll post some real pictures tonight. Best Wishes.