Who's in charge here?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is completely horrified by this company’s logo and message in general?  Seriously, What The F?

At first I thought it was a sick joke, but then I realized it’s fully legit.  Now, I’m all for clever marketing, artistic expression and a warm glow in your kitchen, but Cover the Earth, red?  C’mon, these guy’s aren’t even pretending to be smart or conscious in any way.  If I were in charge, I’d do him and a favor and let go of the marketing director pronto, I’d probably film it and post it on youtube, the graphic artist should know better and simply walk away in shame and take up a new career voluntarily, and the fleet of Vans owned by the likely heartless Sherwin-Williams company, should be re-painted (covered) with EPIC White Stallions, jagged cliffs and Wild Cats on the side and donated to dirtbag climbers around the country, the dirtiest dirt bag gets first dibs and so on…

From this,

and this,

To this.

Boooooooooooooooo – YA.


  • phillip

    I’ve thought that logo was horrible for years! Like a big, “F… YOU!” to the environment. (And blood red, too!!!)

    Weird that it hasn’t been changed- even Kentucky Fried Chicken changed to KFC to dissociate from the health risks of deep-fried foods…

  • Bob

    That logo has been around almost (if not longer) than we have, though I don’t know how old you are Phillip. It does need to change. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the designer has long since retired. It’s a product of a different time, place, and thought process. I believe their corporate office is in my home town of Cleveland, which also says a lot about the context of that logo. I’m sure they have a twitter feed and what not now. Let’s bombard them with “feedback”.

  • dom

    I knew exactly what company you were refering to from reading your first sentence before I saw the photos. They have a store up the road from me and I can’t help but cringe everytime I pass by. Obviously an old logo that no one ever thought to change.

  • kelly

    i saw this somewhere once too and had a similar reaction. cover the earth with some gnarly toxic paint? Blood? I like the horsey/kitty idea.


    I’ve also been eyeing this logo for a while. Quite disturbing.

    Even changing the color to green would be an improvement!

  • Dave

    that is too bad. But there are still some forward thinking marketing folks out there, buy one of their shirts:


  • Carlos

    It’s just a logo that doesn’t imply that you should cover the earth with toxic paint or that the company doesn’t care about the planet. I think that it is a very cool logo, it has nothing to do with destroying or not caring about the planet.
    If that logo, which has been around for decades, irritates you so much you have other problems.
    Too much drama out there.

  • Sonnie

    he he, Sorry Carlos, wee wuz just having some fun, y’know, playing around a little bit:) I hope we didn’t strike a nerve. Didn’t realize it was so old, never seen it before until three days ago. But I’m glad to hear you think it’s a cool logo though, difference of opinion is what makes life so interesting I guess. And you’re right, i do have other problems, there’s no doubt about it.

  • it’s really not a very good message, though i don’t mind the actual logo. is it an old logo? it doesn’t look particularly old.

    here are some further examples of questionable logos you might enjoy http://www.artistmike.com/Bad-Logos/BadLogos.html

  • Sonnie

    damn, that’s some funny ass shit James, ha ha, nice work on that link. And you too Dave, so classic – you know, USE is now hiring too, Positions: General Laborer. Get your resume’s ready.

  • According to the SW website, the “Cover the Earth” logo was originally created by SW’s one-man advertising department in the 1890s. It was patented and first used by the company in 1906. I work in the painting industry and have seen this logo for as long as I can remember (20 years) but… times they are a changin…

  • Rich

    Rolling that beast to the crag. Blasting Motley Crue or Ratt!

  • Scott

    I saw one of these trucks as I was driving to work (pardon) and I was completely shocked. Just goes to show you how brain-dead the average person is. We are all screwed. Idiots are in control of our government and major corporations.

  • john cocktosin

    You are so right. It seems completely realistic to deem a company “likely heartless” based on the logo on a van. They are clearly out to destroy the planet. BTW, when is your next trip on a 737 for a 3 day climbing trip or trade show?

  • Sonnie

    Touche. Okay, okay, I went too far, I know. Heartless is a very strong word, and I have no right using it on a company I know nothing about. In fact, I have no right using it at all. I’ve never met a heartless person in my life. Can I take it back? But the whole 737 thing kills me. Every single time. It’s ONE of the most selfish things we do as earthlings. Flying all over the world, burning resources we’ll never get back, polluting the air, all for a bit of rock scrambling and sight seeing. It breaks my heart every time I board a plane. It’s not like we travel to save lives (well, some do), or travel to solve important issues (again, very few), we board planes because we’re bored, to see friends, crimp some rock, and take some crummy pictures and try to have a “cultural” experience in a matter of weeks. It sucks so bad, and it’s worse when I look at the flight schedule of any air port in around the world, there are literally hundreds, and thousands of flights every single day. It’s a depressing thought. But What should we do? I’ve thought very hard about just not flying anymore, like Ron Kauk, he just never leaves the Valley, you practically have to drag him out. It’s very inspiring. But then I think about all the beautiful places I wish I could see. Maybe one day, they’ll have Hybrid planes? Anyway, sorry about the ‘heartless’ comment John, I was just playing around, I really didn’t mean to offend anyone, or for anyone to take my nonsense seriously. My deepest most sincere apology. But I still think they should consider changing their slogan and logo, who knows it might do them some good, business might boom, and then they really could paint the earth.

  • Dave

    Maybe the logo is better used in this contex.

  • Mike Sampson

    Sonnie, why back down and apologize for expressing your opinion on a blatantly idiotic logo?

    Anyone who defends that nonsense has problems, especially those who are psyched on a climbing site, I am just shaking my head right now.

    And yeah the analogies with planes are sooo intellectual. Seems to me that humanity is restricted by current technology, and the only choice (dictated by evil society controllers or the unseen force behind life–you pick)is petroleum. This is a far cry from advertising insignifcant crap like paint in an obviously disrespectful manner towards the Earth. And yes the gullible eat that nonsense up.


  • Sonnie

    Hey Mike, thanks mate, but I’m not backing down, I still feel the same way, it’s just that I could have expressed my opinion without being so harsh, even though I was joking around. Some people just get their panties all up in a bunch and I must respect that. Also, the whole plane thing is a soft spot for me. I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty when I’m 40,000 feet high.

  • john cocktosin

    Thanks for the thorough and honest reply Sonnie. I like to play devil’s advocate, as dissenting discourse tends to yield healthy conversations and arguments. Mike @17, was I defending the logo? Or was I saying that making generalizations about a company based on a picture might be rash?

  • Mike Sampson

    Sure, generalizations may always be rash, but self-expression (conduct), or company expression is the core method of describing to the rest of the world about one’s beliefs.

    Through my perception, I immiediately saw retarded ignorance in the logo, and so my defense of Sonnie is going to come out hard.

  • Matt Tack

    Sonnie, welcome back! Missed your posts.

    You were spot on the first time. Companies are literally heartless. They are a legal construct that can never die unless the money stops flowing. So nothing wrong with your description at all! Of course the individual people (with hearts) at this company may have stepped back, weighed the cost of changing the logo, assessed the potential benefit and decided against it. Alternatively the company management may be drones who don’t see what is around them, and don’t look at everything with fresh eyes at the start of every day and question why. Your blog points these things out for people who aspire to be different, so don’t stop being expressing these views just because some people don’t like it.

    Which brings me onto the plane point. Yes you fly. As do most of us. My frequent flyer balance is a weird source of conflicting feelings of pride (as a consumer) and shame (as a human). But the first step towards making any difference is asking “why?”. Most know you are not the kind of person who would make that impact on the environment without questioning first if it is necessary. It is this kind of awareness that is the first step towards change, and the more people who have it the closer we will be. Be proud, you are an inspiration for those who seek this in all aspects of life. Crush on.

  • just drawing your attention to this very similar logo http://www.paintusa.net/