– It seems spring time is the busiest time of year for me, not sure why exactly, maybe it’s the long days, but my life has been crazy as of late, with travel, guiding, paying bills and climbing new rocks.  Did a new V11 today, felt good, but most importantly I’m working on a new route high on the Second Summit, it’s four pitches long and traverses roughly 150 feet, it’s required a metric-tonne of work so far, cleaning mud, bolting, and humping load after load of ropes and water and gear and blah, blah, blah.  But it’ll be super bitchin when she’s done, at which point I’ll include pictures and and a topo, but until then…please stand by 🙂

– I also had 2 very amazing days of guiding this week, we got lucky and did some Squamish mega classics and it reminded me how much I love introducing people to rock climbing.  Which got me thinking about the upcoming Under 25 Youth Climbing Camp in the Bow Valley, Alberta, July 5th to the 9th.  This amazing camp is organized by the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) and sponsored in part by MEC, I was lucky enough to work it last year and can’t wait to get back to it this year.  Basically, this camp has been designed to help get young climbers from inside to outside (in nut shell).  Over the years we’ve seen an increase in Young Guns climbing at their local gyms, getting strong, training hard, competing, traveling, whatever, but by the time they reach the ages of 18 and older, they don’t have the youth program to guide them along, to motivate them, and more often then not, these climbers quite and find other interests, like school, or work, drinking beer or X-Box, sometimes all four, not that there is anything wrong with that, but what happened to the spirit?  We used to be so strong!

That’s where The ACC steps in.  This program was designed to get kids who love climbing into the MOUNTAINS.  We teach them basic AND advanced skills all in one week, how to build anchors, place gear, switch belays, clean routes, general mountain sense and hopefully an appreciation for mountain culture, to show these climbers (especially ones from Urban Environments) that there’s a big world of adventure out there, they just need to know where to find it.

The Alpine Club of Canada is an organization that is strictly devoted to mountain culture.  They offer (among other things) a network of like minded individuals who are able to mentor the next wave or even generation of Skiers, Climbers and Alpinists across the country.  I owe many thanks to the ACC, if it were not for the Alpine Club and the Junior Tour program, I probably never would have had started climbing in the first place, and it’s climbing that changed my whole perspective, it’s climbing that helped me see the world and understand myself a little bit better, it’s climbing that has made life that much richer.  I enjoy being a part of this and giving back because truthfully, I would have loved a camp like this when I was 18.

Anyway, enough of the mushy crap, if you or anyone you know are between the ages of 18-25 and are looking for ways to take your climbing to a bigger arena, meet some new friends and see the incredible Rocky Mountains, contact the ACC right away, the camp includes food and accommodation, and is already filling up, so check it out here. or please email me sonniejtrotter@yahoo.ca

Hope to see you there, iz gonna be baller.  Some pics from last year.

  • The last two photos are amazing. Perfect light and wonderful rock!!!!

  • Steve Traversari

    Too bad there was an age limit. I may have not made it per my birth certificate, but in my state of mind I could have been a shoe-in.
    I would have loved to have seen a picture of you in a helmet.

  • Great pics. Seriously makes me wish I was under 25. 🙂

  • Where are the last two taken Sonnie?

  • Sonnie

    Glad you like them. The pics were taken at Lake Louise, perhaps one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and a world class climbing zone to boot. The camp will go there two time at least I suspect. Maybe we should do an over 25 summer camp as well?

  • An over 25 summer camp is an excellent idea.

  • Coraline

    Sonnie- A friend and I are heading to Bow Valley/Canmore (from Montana) in a week and I was wondering if you knew the location of the picture of the crack with the girl in the orange jacket-thanks!

  • Jay

    how bout one in australia sonnie. i know u want to haha

  • ktmt

    How ’bout an Over 50 camp?? Damn straight! Awesome back of the Lake shots…