old/new minivan.

Ha – Okay – So, about three weeks ago, I began a search for my next road warrior wagon.  I thought about all the options and decided on a minivan again, I know they’re super DORK, but seriously for gas mileage and comfort, yadda yadda yadda, nothing beats a japanese minivan.  I wrote about my new ghetto mobile last week for the Five Ten Blog,  if you’re interested, check it out here. The funny part was that I found it on craigslist, $1000 bucks, sold to me by a tow truck driver who got it as payment for his towing and storing services, it seems my van was previously owned by a drunk driver who can no longer drive, well, not legally anyway – Hooray for me. www.fiveten.com

  • sniffer

    o snap!

  • OMG! I drove an MPV for 5 years. Made a 4 month road trip in her from Virginia to Squamish and back via Cali… That car was the best. Hands down. I took out the seats and build a nice bed with storage… That piece was rear wheel drive and literally almost killed me 1,000 times… SKETCH. Got back to Virginia after the trip and parked in the driveway and she never started again. PERFECT.

  • S-man

    May your new ride give you many good sleeps and trouble-free miles!

  • butch

    Absurd. The fashionable dirtb– err, I mean, climbing enthusiast– now drives a Delica. Without four-wheel drive, big wheels, a raise, a massive steel deer-killer on the front, a couple of roof racks for gear for your second, third and fourth extreme sports after climbing, oh and right-hand drive (which is important), you just aren’t hardcore. I mean you have to LOOK hardcore to BE hardcore.

    A lot of people don’t know this, but when Sonnie sent Cobra Crack, he actually drove up the Backside trail in a V12 Hemi Dodge Ram Extended Extreme King Cab, and having that wad of power there was what inspired him up that crack climb.

    A minivan is sensible, cheap, comfortable and it makes you look like you should be picking up donuts at Timmy’s, not climbing 5.14. Sonnie, I hope you cleared this with yoru sponsors…their image is on the line… 😉

  • Danny

    Awwwww Yea!

  • max

    hey sonnie, you probably have been asked this question a hundred times but as a crack master have you tried some of Yosemite’s hard routes ? I’m thinking about Beth Rodden’s Meltdown (14c) in particular and some of her former husband up El Cap ?

    Nice ride btw


  • Nigel

    Reminds me that I need me a new road trip vehicle… Been down south 3x in my Civic hatchback, but it’s just about finished with 300,000kms on it. I don’t trust it to last for the next trip I have planned, which will be the longest yet.

    A van is pretty damn appealing after the cramped 2 door hatchback, as much as I loved it… 3 people with gear in that thing was too much.